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I bit the bullet..

March 23rd, 2009

And got the Hudson Console table I posted about in an earlier blog. A big thank you to my mums and daddio for getting it for me as an early BDAY gift!

As always with “build it yourself” furniture from places like Ikea and Target, I fret over the exterior of the box to make sure the cardboard isn’t ripped or dented.  There is nothing worse than getting home with your new piece of furniture, to open the box, and find a big old gash in the leg or door of the piece.  So after I made the nice man at Target pull out multiple boxes, I thought I had scored with the perfect box. No dents, no rips, no nothing.  So how may I ask, did the leg unit that was neatly tucked in the center of the box get the big old ding in the side of it?!? UGH!!  And we didn’t notice it until half way through the build.  HOW ANNOYING!!

Anyways.. with a little help from some wood blending sticks that we picked up from Lowe’s you can barley tell the ding ever existed!

And what a nice addition to the living room our new console table makes!


Also check out the great lamp I had been eyeballing at the “secret Marshalls”. (You might wonder why I keep referring to some stores as “secret”  and it is a good question.  My friend Sauce and I think like to think they are off the beaten path, but I know they aren’t.  It just makes us feel like there is always a deal waiting for us!)  But back to the lamp!  It originally came with a HIDEOUS shade, but thanks to good ole Target I was able to quickly get a new shade that fit it perfectly and at a nice price!


I’m pleased with how it all pulled together.  Let’s just see what Mr.vB thinks when he gets home from his business trip!

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  1. March 24th, 2009 at 11:22 | #1

    It looks fabulous! I love what a console table can do for an entryway.

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