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Yes it’s true..

March 7th, 2009


I am ADDICTED to Target.

My brother in law put it best when at our wedding he announced to everyone in his speech that I knew where every Target in Southern Virginia was located.  And he was not lying.

Now it’s not like I wake up in the morning and say- hey I am going to the Target in Harrisonburg today.  It’s more like when I am traveling for work and need to kill some time I might “on-star” the nearest location. (thank you GMC for this lovely feature- what did I do before??)  I also like to think of it as market research.  I really can tell a difference between the items purchased at my local Target (Libbie and Broad St) and say the location out in Roanoke.

home-design-eventSome of my most recent shopping victories purchases were from that fabulous Home Design Event they had right after xmas. And which you can still find online.

For starters we got this great Console Table:


Alexander Console Table – gray $99.99 (still available online)


This cool mirror, but apparently it is sold out.. Sorry.


Here’s how they look in Chateau vB



The one last item I have been eyeing but can’t seem to take the plunge on yet is this

Hudson Console Table.


I think it would be the perfect spot near the front door to drop mail, keys, etc.  Plus it has a nice set of his and hers drawers.  Mr vB is always complaining that I move his things because I think it looks messy.  I figure this way he can have his own junk drawer and we can both be happy!

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Home Improvement, Target

Shoe of the Month

March 4th, 2009

068295_1_300x300So I recently saw these cuties in Women’s Health Magazine.

Believe it or not they are from Payless’s online collection.

Lela Rose for Payless, Gillian Wedge-  $38 buckaroos.

I ordered them online and then had them sent to a local store for FREE!  Easy pickup and if they don’t fit you can just return them to that same store.

Do you guys prefer to online shoe shop or do you like to try them on at the store before you purchase?

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Shoe of the Month Club

One Snow Day is turning into Snow Days….!!!

March 3rd, 2009

Well Mother Nature finally felt that it was time to bring us some snow.  And man she brought it! Most of the city was shut down yesterday and today, but I didn’t have a good reason not to work since my office is at home!

I think this is the first time Boots has ever seen snow and he wasn’t too keen on having to “potty” on it in the backyard. Mr. vB, was working from home as well yesterday, so we thought it would be fun to take both the boys down to the lake to check it all out.  Boots was like a wild man.  In this photo he actually only has 2 legs touching the ground.


Here are some photos of our neighborhood covered in the white stuff.


And here is Swan Lake down at Byrd Park.  I really forget how lucky I am to live so close to such a pretty place.


Sounds like schools are closed yet again tomorrow. It’s amazing that something so pretty can really wreak havoc on a city!

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So this is a bit harder than I thought…

March 1st, 2009

I spent most of last evening looking/brainstorming at other people’s blogs debating the look, content, and feel of each.  As I am still in the process of deciding how mine should look, please excuse the mess. My hubby has promised that he will help me today with the basics!!

In the meantime, as said hubby is still sleeping, I guess i should figure out what my first major post should be about. Hmm.. Well I am researching recipes for meals this week.  Maybe I will come across something that inspires me.  I will report back later.

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