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Spring has sprung.. well almost

March 14th, 2009

Nothing says Spring more than daffodils.

Thought you might enjoy some before and after photos to inspire the warm weather to stick around!


Here’s the before photo of part of the front border.  A bit out of control with a mixture of weeds and a hearty vine like plant.  And when I say hearty, I mean more like indestructible.  Mr. vB would take the weed whacker to that border and level it all.  Then in about 2 weeks it would be back to out of control.

So while Mr. vB was out of town one weekend I thought I would clean up the border a bit.


Looks a lot better don’t you think?

Then this past xmas my father in law gave us a slew of daffodil bulbs.  I think they make a nice addition.  Won’t it really be gorgeous in a few years when the whole border is filled with them??




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  1. CeeCee
    March 14th, 2009 at 09:17 | #1

    Soon it will look like 176 Reynolds Drive. Guess you inherited the Ransone gardening gene. Granny and Pat would be proud!!!

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