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Yard Time!!

April 18th, 2009

Knowing that it was suppose to be beautiful today, I planned to get an early start on yard work.  Here’s what was on my list to accomplish:

  • Buy Electric Weed-eater
  • Plant Herb Garden
  • Plant Geraniums and Gerbera Daisies
  • Till up bare spots in backyard, reseed and fertilize, and then cover with seed blanket

Off to Lowe’s I went with List in hand.

dsc_01161Here are my goodies.. after the quick photo shoot I was off to work!

My first job to tackle was trying to get some grass to grow in the bare spots.


I used a hand till and was able to churn up the bare dirt.  Then I spread some grass seed and fertilizer.  This section of the backyard is low because of the slope towards the alley between our house and our neighbors.  It seems much harder to grow grass here because the seed is washed away before it has time to germinate.  To alleviate this problem I bought a Seed Starter Mat.

dsc_01241The concept is that you spread this mat/blanket over the seed and it will hold it in place allowing it to germinate. NICE!  So as I continued to till, seed, fertilize, and blanket around the yard- I quickly realized that I would need to make a second trip out to Lowes.  I needed more grass seed and seed starter mats than I thought.

dsc_01271 I also grabbed some more herbs, a great lime green pot to match my newly painted chairs, and a cheapo sprinkler!

Boots decided to help me lay the seed starters mats..  Good boy Boots..


And that quickly turned to a mess..  Bad BOOTS!!


Once we got that mess straightened out, I hooked up the new sprinkler and was on my way to growing some new grass!


One task done, two more to go..

Here are my Herb pots..  I am going to need to watch how much sun this corner of the deck gets, i might have to move some things around if they don’t get enough.

dsc_0137I planted some Sweet Basil, Lemon Basil, Cilantro, Thyme and Oregano!  I am going to look at Target next time I am there for some cute little stakes to put by each plant so I know which is which.

I also potted the pink geraniums you guys saw in an earlier post.  They were not enjoying living inside with us so outside they went.  I think they will be quite happy in this pretty new lime green pot.


I re-potted some pansies for my new little side table too.

dsc_01341 Tomorrow I hope to put the new weed-eater to use and get the sprinklers set up on timers.  Gotta give those little seeds some TLC !  Now I am off to walk the dogs- How can I resist this face??


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  1. April 20th, 2009 at 06:18 | #1

    got to you from Darby’s e-mail. Want to know what i can do in my home office to help wrist and arms. I am at computer a lot and drive a lot. I am bothered at desk and steering wheel. Started playing tennis a few months ago too and have tennis elbow. Would love to hear if you can help.

  2. Juddvb
    April 21st, 2009 at 11:58 | #2

    I think Boots has the right idea those seed blankets make me want to come over and lay on them, so if you come home and I’m laying in your back yard you’ll know why.

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