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Shoe of the Month- June

May 30th, 2009

So I know it’s not June yet but I had to show you these cuties!!


They are from the Betseyville by Betsey Johnson Collection.  This style is Valyn and how cute are they?!?!

I spied these cuties at a local shoe store called Off Broadway Shoes.  But when I googled them I found them online at several places as well.  Not as cheap as my local place, but still not bad.  I snagged ‘em for about 40% off… so I think they totaled $36 bucks!  Cheaper than Payless Shoes..what would Betsey think of that??

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Shoe of the Month Club

Almost done..

May 28th, 2009

Sorry I went MIA again.  We went down to Myrtle Beach for the long holiday weekend and am just now getting back into the groove.

The good news to report is that the contractors are finally FINISHED with all the tile work.  The last piece to the puzzle was fixing the toilet drain and then hooking the potty back up.  (which reminds me.. how many of you have heard the story about, “While on the Potty think about voting Totty”?!?  This will have to be a post for a future date) Anyways, the plumber came on Tuesday and now we are good to go!  My days of walking up or down a flight of stairs to pee are OVER!! But I will still have to if I want to brush my teeth or wash my face.  This is because Mr. vB is still working on re-staining the counter-top.  Until that is done we can’t put the sinks back in.  Heck I have gone 4 weeks without a bathroom.. what’s 4 more! hahaha

Actually I think we might have it all back together by next week.  While Mr.vB is staining, I have been busy prepping the walls for new paint and more importantly deciding what color our new towels and bath mats will be.  This is what I am hooked on currently.



These are from the Pottery Barn Classic Solid and Stripe Collection.

I am in love with the Porcelain Blue color- both the stripe and solid!  And you know I am going to have to get them monogrammed too!



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Home Improvement

Some New Additions to the Front Porch..

May 20th, 2009

For our 1st wedding anniversary Mr.vB gave me a wood storm door, which I had been wanting for quite a while.  After the kind man from Pleasants, a local hardware store, got it installed, I was off and running to get it painted. Now fast forward about 7 months.  I still have yet to put the “final” coat of paint on it.  Don’t ask me why I have been procrastinating, but I have.  Mind you this also means that we haven’t had house numbers on the door for the past 7 months.  Now we HAD the numbers for 7 months.. they have just never made it on the door, quite like the paint.  So last week Mr. vB got a wild hair after work and installed the house numbers and I JUST LOVE THEM!


I had also purchased a fun little urn that I thought would look nice under the mail box and to the side of the teak bench.  But I just couldn’t find the right things to put in it.  When my mom was in town the other weekend we hit up the local greenhouse and found some great stuff.


We got some Confederate “climbing” Jasmine and then some other white stuff ground-cover that neither my mom nor myself can remember the name of.  I really like how it turned out!


I also want to find some cute outdoor fabric to make a pillow or two for the bench and then also get some oiled bronze hardware for both the storm door and the main door.  Right now both doors have brass hardware, while the mailbox, house numbers and porch light are the oiled bronze.  GEEZ.. what will the neighbors think?!?

Here’s the total package..


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Home Improvement

Where my dogs at??

May 12th, 2009

Mr. vB and I came home from a run last night and this is what we found..



Yeah- I figure you are either laughing hysterically like Mr.vB and I were, or you are saying we need to get out of the house more.

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More Windows

May 10th, 2009

So Mr. vB and I got two more replacement windows installed today.  We followed the same steps as we did for the ones in the living room, but I swear these went in even faster!

Here the windows are Before..




One down, one more to go..



And Viola.. the finished product.

Can you tell the windows are open? This is the very first time we have been able to do this!  The old ones were painted shut.


Not sure if any of you caught that the first few photos were taken during the day, and this last one was at night.  That was because once we got the windows in, Mr. vB and I were hot and sweaty.  Being quite spontaneous, we drove down to the rivah to take a cruise on the new boat!! Had to show those photos too!




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Go Green!, Home Improvement

Bathroom Before and almost After photos

May 5th, 2009

As promised, here are the before photos of our upstairs bathroom.

(Mind you we are on our 2nd renovation of this bathroom in just 4 years.)

Here are the photos of the bathroom before the vB’s moved in:


This photo is taken from the hallway.


Now that’s one way to install a shower. So what exactly was suppose to go in the gap between the shower and the wall?


And here are the photos of the 1st full renovation.

We added a full shower ROOM and double sinks to make this bathroom much more user friendly.  We also changed the swing of the door into the room, otherwise it would open right into the shower entry.  And we did end up having to sacrifice some space from the back room/office to create the shower room, but it was well worth it.  Especially during the middle of the winter when you can turn on both shower heads and warm both front and back!!


dsc_0171Please excuse how messy it looks- I took this prior to cleaning the room out for the demo to begin.  I think I was mentally over the room already so I barley made it camera ready!  This is also the view of where the shower/tub use to be located a foot off the wall!

dsc_01641Here’s the entry into the shower room from the sink room.  Remember the lovely curb? erh…

dsc_0163And here are the dual shower heads I was raving about!

So the 2nd renovation photos will still be a ways off.  The contractor thinks it will take almost all week to get all the tile in, especially because of the variation in patterns that we are using.  Mr. vB has also taken the wood counter with the 2 sinks off and is in the process of stripping and re-staining it.  We will also be repainting the walls, installing some new chrome shelving in the shower room, and some other tricks that I don’t want to divulge just yet. Gotta have a reason to keep you coming back for more right??

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Bathroom Makeover, Home Improvement

Shoe of the Month- May

May 4th, 2009

Payless does it again!

Lela Rose for Payless Brinley Ribbon Pump- $38.00



Lela Rose for Payless Channing Peep Toe Flat- $36.00

No don’t adjust your sets, the left pair is black and the right pair is navy.

I think both would look hot with white pants or a cute pink dress that matched the trim color of the shoe.  Now remember, I’m not sure if these are available in stores or only online.  I will do some research tomorrow while I am out and about!

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Shoe of the Month Club

Bathroom Update..

May 4th, 2009

So the weekend was productive, which always makes me feel good on Monday.  Mr. vB played on Saturday with his brother and dad on their new boat, while I hung around the homestead to catch up with some old buddies.  Then Sunday we got down to business on the bathroom. My job was to put a few coats of “kills/primer” on the lime green & blue walls and Mr.vB decided he was going to frame in the new glass block window.  (when I say new, i mean like 9 months new..haha.. we just never got around to framing it in)  Here is the window before:


Here it is mid framing..and check out my great paint job on the walls.  Can you still see the lime green & blue?


We still need to add the finish trim and rosettes so it will match the rest of the windows in the house, but otherwise here is the finished product!  Nice eh??


Hard to believe it’s only been a week, but the bathroom has undergone a TOTAL transformation.  I was telling Mr. vB last night that I feel like we have gone from a youthful, bright design to now a more sophisticated, modern feel.  The contractors start tiling the shower room today, which is really going to be exciting.  I have drawn out the tile pattern several times and I still love it- I just hope it looks as good on the actual walls!

I’m working on a “before and after” post so you guys can see the transformation as well.  I am just waiting on Mr. vB to scan a few of the before photos and email them to me.  I hope to have that post out later today or tomorrow.

In the meantime, here’s another teaser to leave you with…


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Bathroom Makeover, Home Improvement