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Some New Additions to the Front Porch..

For our 1st wedding anniversary Mr.vB gave me a wood storm door, which I had been wanting for quite a while.  After the kind man from Pleasants, a local hardware store, got it installed, I was off and running to get it painted. Now fast forward about 7 months.  I still have yet to put the “final” coat of paint on it.  Don’t ask me why I have been procrastinating, but I have.  Mind you this also means that we haven’t had house numbers on the door for the past 7 months.  Now we HAD the numbers for 7 months.. they have just never made it on the door, quite like the paint.  So last week Mr. vB got a wild hair after work and installed the house numbers and I JUST LOVE THEM!


I had also purchased a fun little urn that I thought would look nice under the mail box and to the side of the teak bench.  But I just couldn’t find the right things to put in it.  When my mom was in town the other weekend we hit up the local greenhouse and found some great stuff.


We got some Confederate “climbing” Jasmine and then some other white stuff ground-cover that neither my mom nor myself can remember the name of.  I really like how it turned out!


I also want to find some cute outdoor fabric to make a pillow or two for the bench and then also get some oiled bronze hardware for both the storm door and the main door.  Right now both doors have brass hardware, while the mailbox, house numbers and porch light are the oiled bronze.  GEEZ.. what will the neighbors think?!?

Here’s the total package..


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  1. marty
    May 20th, 2009 at 17:16 | #1

    I love your pictures! The door looks great.

  2. Audrey
    May 20th, 2009 at 17:41 | #2

    Love the finished package…..

  3. CeeCee
    May 20th, 2009 at 17:58 | #3

    They are petunias – Million belles. Just needed to see them again to remember.

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