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Home Sweet “Rental” Home

June 24th, 2009

That’s the sign I need to get my parents to hang over the front door of their new house.

‘Cause it’s now official!! Well it was as of 6:47 this morning as my parents checked out of their Efficiency Motel and into their new house for the next 6 months.

I spoke with my parents this evening and my mom mentioned that they had already had company at the new place.  One neighbor brought by some yummy appetizers (thanks P&M!!) and another had brought over some kebabs for dinner.  My mom said they just had to laugh when they went to fire-up the grill to cook the kebabs and they had no way to light it. (I haven’t seen the grill but I am assuming it didn’t have an electronic starter and my parents didn’t have any matches or a lighter.) It is all those little items that get overlooked – tape, scissors, paperclips, a pen..

I did kinda think about this the other day as I was in Michael’s and saw some cute stationery.  It made me think that my mom probably could use some, as hers was most likely boxed up or in the trash.  I ended up making her a bag full of goodies including some wrapping paper, tissue paper, ribbon, scissors, tape, and, of course, the stationery.  She, as I, LOVE wrapping a great gift and her entire collection of wrapping paper and accessories were stored in the room above the garage.  I know she is bummed about losing it all- so i thought it was a good time to start rebuilding her collection!  I hope it made her day a little brighter.

But back to the rental house.  My mom wanted me to pass along this update to everyone…

“Good News, we are moved into our new home for the next 6 months.  It is a very comfortable home with lots of space and it seems even bigger with our limited furniture. It belongs to a friend’s mother who had just moved into a retirement community and her house was empty and available.  It is only 5 minutes from our home so it will be convenient for the many trips we will make as the work progresses.
It will be wonderful to sleep in our own bed tonight.  Since our original bed was condemned, we purchased the same one and look forward to a good night’s sleep.  The flat screen TV was also a total loss, so Travers spent most of the day finding a replacement. It is only a LITTLE bit bigger than the original.
Our old house is now empty.  All of our belongings have been taken away for cleaning and storage.  The clothing restoration company had a quick turn around on our summer clothes, so we do have things to wear.  Each day we think of something that we wish that we had taken out of the house, BUT. . . there were so many decisions to make so quickly.
Thanks to all for the many thoughts and prayers.  We are truly blessed to have so many wonderful friends who have helped us in so many ways. Once I find the camera and the cord for the computer, I will send pics of our new home and our RENTAL furniture.  Fondly, Carter”

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