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A nice little addition…

July 24th, 2009

So remember how I was saying I was looking to freshen up the living room a bit?  Well I hit Mr.vB with some of my ideas this past weekend and he was in!.. What a nice surprise!  (disclaimer- both Mr.vB and I have design backgrounds and sometimes we can butt heads about the look we want for the house)

new rugI had been eyeballing this rug at Target the past couple of months, but was never ready to take the plunge.  Well this weekend we took a joint visit trip and when I showed it to Mr. vB he said he liked it too.   We thought the colors in the rug would complement the walls in the living room perfectly.  But instead of buying it right away we came home and took some measurements.  Our row-home is long and narrow, and with the way we have our living room set up we weren’t sure what size rug we were going to need.  The largest size available in the store was a 7 x 10, anything larger we had to buy online.  We decided the 7 X 10 would fit the best, luckily.  I mean doesn’t everyone like immediate gratification?  Who wants to wait for it to arrive via snail mail?

So here is a reminder of what the living room looked like before..


And here it is with the new addition..



I really like how the rug seems to warm up the room and tie everything together.  Our wood floors are so worn and rough, the rug helps mask them abit until we can get to refinishing them.  The bad thing about the new rug, is that I now want to get new window treatments, new accent pillows (as previously stated) and maybe even a new coffee table/ottoman.  The design wheels are a turning..Mr. vB better watch out!

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  1. CeeCee
    July 24th, 2009 at 17:13 | #1

    I love it. It’s amazing how it ties the room together. Bet it doesn’t show dog hair either, that makes it even better. Good Choice.

  2. Elizabeth
    July 24th, 2009 at 18:23 | #2

    I have that same rug in my living room!!!

  3. Anne
    July 25th, 2009 at 14:17 | #3

    The rug looks great!!

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