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DEMO has begun!

July 28th, 2009

So I talked to my parents this weekend and demo work officially began on the house at Reynolds Drive last week.  The Fire Inspectors came to a decision that the fire WAS NOT due to faulty equipment, i.e. the furnace or the hot-water heater, as earlier suspected.  So the official cause of the fire is listed as SOURCE UNKNOWN.  Comforting eh?

On a lighter note, my mom stopped by the house this weekend and was able to snap some photos of the work done outside. She said it was too dark in the house to get any good interior shots, but that they have ripped out all the carpet and drywall on the 2nd floor.  Sounds like a good start!

I’m going to post some before and after shots so you can see the progress..


before 1



You can see that the doorways/walls have finally been boarded up and all the extra debris removed, including the exterior brick wall.


before 2



The large pile of debris that the fireman pulled from the garage to fight the fire is now gone.  It’s sad to think of all the things that were buried in that pile, but at least the constant reminder of what was lost is now gone.


before 3



Here the front exterior brick wall of the garage has been removed along with several boxwood bushes.

My mom always kept her yard in such great shape, that I know it is just killing her that all her plants are slowly withering away.  I wonder if she had a mild heart attack when she was pulled in to the drive-way to see this.


That Port-a-Potty is SMACK-DAB in the middle of her favorite flower bed!!!  But she admitted that she is keeping a good sense of humor about it all… am I am proud of her for that!

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