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July 31st, 2009

I had heard rumblings that a CUPCAKE store opened in Richmond and I decided that it was my job to find it.  But I needed a partner in crime.. enter my 2.5 year old niece.

The adventure started when I surprised Miss M today by picking her up from school.  I had to show my license proving that I was indeed her aunt, but I figured the 2.5 year old that was wrapped around my leg yelling AUNT TT was proof enough.  When I explained to Miss M that we were on a cupcake mission she said she was all in.  Actually what she said was more like CUPCAKE!! But I took it to mean she was down for the job.

So 20 minutes later and several discussions about what color cupcake we were each going to get, we arrived at Frostings. It was like we walked into heaven.  There must have been over 7 different types of cupcakes to choose from.  And that was just what they offered on Fridays.  Each day they have a different set of daily flavors.

It took Miss M awhile to tell the baker what she wanted, even though we planned it all out in the car.  It think she was as overwhelmed with all the choices as I was.  But the woman was so nice and patient with her.  She even offered Miss M some of the cute little flower toppers to eat on the ride home.

ccake 1

Here’s the happy 2.5 year old!  Can you tell her lips and tongue are blue?  Wonder which flower she picked??

ccake 4

And here are the cutie cupcakes..Don’t worry they weren’t all just for me and Miss M.  We got one for her mommy, one for her daddy, one for her uncle DD, one for her aunt TT and one for herself.

ccake 3

It’s such a fancy setup- the TO-GO box even comes with a divider unit so your ‘cakes won’t flip over!  I unfortunately do not have any photos of the cupcakes out of the box.  I was too busy eating mine to take a photo.  You will have to go get your own to get a closer view.

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  1. ashley
    August 10th, 2009 at 20:32 | #1

    FAB pics of M! sounds like my kind of field trip!

  2. jessica jones
    November 7th, 2009 at 05:12 | #2

    Hello there – i’m a fellow richmonder myself. I found your blog through john and sherry petersick’s blog (younghouselove). Another blog to follow about home design and improvement (yay!). Anyways, I saw this posting about frostings and I have to tell you it still ain’t the best cupcake shop in richmond. (in my opinion at least). I implore you to head over to Lauderdale in the Patina Grill shopping center and try the cupcakes in Two Sweet Cupcakes. They are giant but delicious and you should also try the cupcakes at Whole Foods. (did I mention I’m also a cupcake enthusiast?)

  3. November 7th, 2009 at 21:07 | #3

    I have heard about this other cupcake shop on Lauderdale! Thanks for the scoop- I will definitely go check it out!

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