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Lasagna Gardening

July 12th, 2009

Have you guys ever heard of this before?  I just learned about it this week at our neighborhood garden meeting.  Mr. vB and I have been wanting to create our own garden for awhile now and this concept perked our interest even more.

So Lasagna Gardening is the concept of “a no-dig, no-till organic gardening method that results in rich, fluffy soil with very little work from the gardener.” See more details here.  It’s referred to as lasagna gardening because of the layering effect.  You alternate the layering of brown items such as fall leaves, pine needles, and newspaper clippings with green items like grass clippings, vegetable scraps, and garden scraps.  How great is it that you can mix grass clippings, junk mail, coffee grinds, and banana peels and get FREE organic soil!!

Mr. vB and I have been debating about where to locate our new garden.  We decided the best spot would be right in front of the deck.  Now remember our backyard is about the size of a postage stamp.  We are trying to leave enough room for the Boots and the Bae-Bae to run around, but we would also like a few nice flower beds.  (I can’t believe I am actually posting a before photo of this area.  I haven’t done a good job tending to it and it looks horrible.)


We figure that we could get a 12′ x 2′ raised bed and have it separated into two sections.  Mr. vB started by nailing a 12′ board directly to the deck.  It was my job to use to pick ax to dig up the weeds and even out the existing dirt.



Then he added the 2 side pieces.


And then the front piece.


The finishing touch was the piece to separate the bed into 2 parts. (I am thinking one side for veggies and one side for flowers.  Mr. vB envisions the whole thing full of veggies.  We will see.)

And if you didn’t believe me before that our yard slopes to one side, this picture says it all.  There must be at least a 4-5″ difference between the right corner that is flush with the dirt and left corner that is hovering above the ground. (Don’t worry we aren’t going to leave it like this, we just ran out of lumber)


The next step will be to fill in the beds with the brown and green layers.  We are also thinking about ditching the border that runs the length of the yard towards the back gate.  We can use the extra soil in our new raised beds and in it’s place we will just plant some more grass for the boys.  See below.

nix border(On a side note, Yes Boots is still wearing his head gear- which I am SO over.  He has lost his peripheral vision and is constantly banging that damn thing into a wall, my leg, or Bailey.  It makes the most wretched sound too.  We head back to the vet this week to hopefully hear that it can be removed.)

So we will keep you updated on the progress of our Lasagna Garden! Next weekend we are going to start the layering process.  It sounds pretty darn simple so we shall see!

P.S. If any of my local readers have some old newspapers they can part with let me know.  thanks!!

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admin Go Green!, Yard/Garden

  1. Sarah G
    July 13th, 2009 at 03:44 | #1

    You guys jumped right on it! looks great. I’ll be interested to see how it goes, my veggie garden hasn’t grown well this year. Its been suggested to me that my soil is too poor. I’d dug down 12 inchs into the clay that is Byrd park soil, but apparently its not enough. Raising the bed and making some lasagne may well help us out too.

  2. CeeCee
    July 13th, 2009 at 16:45 | #2

    Looking good. It seems like a great concept, but how long does it take for the various layers to blend into good soil. It may be a liitle late for veggies this season, but you can get a jump start on next season. It pleases me greatly to see you adapting these “green concepts.”

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