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Their Home Away from Home

July 22nd, 2009

So my parents finally received a new cable cord for their camera and were able to download some photos of their Home Away from Home.

Here’s the Tour as narrated by Carter..

house b

Our new home until ours is rebuilt – hopefully only 6 months.  The rebuilding could take longer, but we are optimistic.  The new house is very comfortable and has lots of space which we will use to store our furniture and belongings as they are returned to us.

flowers front porch

The pots of geraniums that provided a little color at the old house are now sitting on the porch of Jonquil Road.  They make it seem a little more like home.


Foyer is decorated with a borrowed table and borrowed lamp.  They look great and give us a place to put our keys and stuff. It is a beautiful foyer with lots of space.

living room

Large Living Room with lone chair.  I think that I will store the boxes in here as I want to use the Dining Room for my table and chairs.  Who knows, I may want to have a dinner party soon.

blue room

Family Room- The BLUE Room. When I rented the sofa and love seat, I could only choose the style, but not the color.  We had to accept whatever was available. I was just a little concerned about what color they would be.  We lucked out to get them in blue to match the blue carpet.

honey and bird

We also have a blue recliner that matches the rest of the blue items. (Apparently my dad has started color coordinating to the furniture and carpet too!)

breakfast nook

The Breakfast Nook and more Borrowed Furniture.  The fabric on the chairs looks like it was meant to match the wallpaper.


Here’s the Kitchen.  Its got lots of cabinet space and looks out into a large backyard.  And here are some flowers from my old yard.  I love zinnias and lemon basil together.   The zinnias are in pots which I have moved here.  I am debating moving the lemon basil also. (Wonder who Totty gets her love of flowers from?)


But who needs cabinet space with this is all the kitchen gear that you have??


Finally, some of my old kitchen ware arrived in 14 boxes which are currently residing in the dining room.  But this is just the beginning of the boxes. I was told that they used over 200 to pack our things.  Where will I put all of them?

craft paper

They do pack things well.  Each item is wrapped in a large piece of craft paper.
I had to go through each box to identify the contents.  Many of them I just reorganized and labeled better and then resealed.  Who needs to use 2 sets of china?


These are just a few of my treasured Christoper Radko ornaments which the wonderful firemen rescued. I have been collecting them for years and each one has a special story.  I lost all of my other Christmas decorations, so I was thrilled to save these.


Travers, IV, came for a visit this past week-end. (hence his modeling of the blue recliner with Honey)  He stayed in a very basic nursery – a Pac-N-Play and a rocker.  I changed and dressed him on the floor.  It worked out fine and he had lots of space to run around and play.


This is the last treasure found in the pile of debris. Travers found it as the inspectors were sifting through the rubble.  It is part of a group of pics of Trav and Totty that were hanging on her wall. The frame will need to be replaced, but the pics are fine. Wish I could have found the rest of them or the picture albums were in the closet of Totty’s room.  The wall with the closet was destroyed.  Each day I think of something else that we lost, but we will just create new memories.

**Before this post went to press, bootsandtotty.com learned that the contractors had started demolition in the old house.  Our on site reporters promise to send photos as soon as they are able.**

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