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Vacation- Part Two- the “Stay”cation

July 11th, 2009

We also decided to add a few extra days on to our “go”cation and have a “stay” cation too!  Meaning that we planned to take a full week off of work, and spend the first half of the week with family and the other half at home.  Pretty smart eh?

Not sure if Mr. vB and I were on the same page as to what to get accomplished during our “stay” part of the vacation but finishing the bathroom was at the TOP of my list!!  I was also hoping to fit in some yard work, but I only had 2 days to get it all done, so I knew it was going to be jam packed.

So on Stay-cation day one, after the Baby Bird’s visit, I jumped into working on the bathroom. I needed to get just one more coat of paint on the walls and then touch up ALL the trim and the new crown molding.  Mr. vB got to work fixing the sink drains and then made a trip to Lowe’s to purchase the necessary parts to fix the leak in the exhaust fan.  It’s amazing how the little details are just taking forever to finish.  Am I being too much of a perfectionist??

Here are a few more teaser shots..




Then Stay-cation day two, I was up and at ‘em early because I was trying to beat the heat.  My plan was to weed the flower beds, cut the grass, plant some new flowers, and then mulch…SHEW!  It makes me tired just recapping it.  These photos were taken a week later, so the grass needs to be cut again, but I am pleased with how the borders look.






Also check out my new door decoration.  Isn’t it cute??  My neighbor buddy got it for me at our local Botanical garden.  It actually is suppose to hang down, but I just tacked it onto the door with a nail.  I love how the lime green looks against the blue door!



Now on to Vacation Part Three- Family Reunion Time!

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  1. Lexie
    July 11th, 2009 at 07:52 | #1

    I love the dragonfly! I may need to go to Lewis Ginter and get one for our door, too!

  2. Sarah G
    July 13th, 2009 at 03:46 | #2

    Love the Dragonfly too! Also can’t wait to see the bathroom, we dove into ours and ordered the bath, perhaps it will be ready for show at Christmas!

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