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Fun in the SUN!

August 10th, 2009

I apologize for the lack of posting last week Marty.  After a whirlwind of putting our kitchen “somewhat” back together, both Mr. vB and I were off and running for work.  I spent half of the week out in Western Virginia and Mr. vB was up in DC.  But by Friday we were together again and headed down to Virginia Beach for the DAVE MATTHEWS CONCERT! And the best part was that we were making a weekend of it and staying with our friends, Toni and Mike Eubanks.

Here’s a break down of the weekend:


What a great show!!

DMB Concert

They played both of my favorite songs, Two Step and Grey Street.  We almost got up close and personal with the band as Mike had a few “connections”.  He gave it his best shot, but all the seats were taken in the orchestra section and we were DENIED.  No worries though- that didn’t stop us from singing and dancing back in the nosebleed area.

This photo was taken after we left the concert and were sitting in front of Chanello’s waiting for our pizza.  Apparently Mr. vB was the only one that was prepared for the photo.  It cracks me up every-time I look at it!

A Classic


We headed down to the Redneck Rivera aka Chick’s Beach for some Cornhole.  Yes that may sound dirty- but it is actually a really fun bean bag toss game.  Toni and Mike are VERY competitive so it was going to be a good game.  Girls vs. Girls as I called it.  And guess who won?  Team TNT..  The boys wanted a re-match, but Toni and I wanted to revel in our win for awhile so we talked them into breaking for lunch.


After lunch we headed to Mike’s parents house for a boat ride.

boat ride

They live in a great house right on the water down at Broad Bay.  Our great hosts’ were originally going to take us out on the Big Ass Boat (not sure how else to describe it- it was huge) but due to a lighting strike the boat lift was out of commission.  That did not stop us though- we just jumped in the Little Ass Boat and we were off.

boat ride 2

Our first stop was to find the group of dolphin that hang out right where the ocean meets the bay.  Those suckers didn’t let us down.  They were everywhere!  Toni said that sometimes you can get them to play with boat and swim beside you, but apparently these dolphin were not interested.  They did get pretty close though…


Here we thought it we didn’t pay attention to them they might come closer.  It didn’t work but made for some good group shots!

vBs Dolphin Watching II


After plenty of coaxing by saying “here fishy, fishy” we gave up on them actually getting close enough to touch.  I think I insulted them by calling them fish when they are actually mammals.  OOPS.

Next stop was a boat tour of some of the million dollar homes back in the Bay.  They were all so amazing!!



We all agreed that we would drop everything to move into one of these gorgeous homes!

Totty and Dave on the boat

This last house was supposedly inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water House.  This one sure did look like it was going to fall right into the water.  And we can definitely say these people do not own a set of curtains or blinds.  We looked right into their bathroom window from the water and could tell what kind of soap these use.  Good thing that is all we saw!


By the end of our boat tour, we were all a little sunburned, a little drunk (minus our favorite Captain Mike), and ready for some good seafood!  We capped the fabulous weekend off by a great meal at a local seafood restaurant right on the water.

THANK YOU so much to our fabulous hosts- The Eubanks.  You might have been joking about us moving into the guest room but I think Mr. vB is seriously debating on taking you up on it.  I think you might have also got us hooked on Cornhole, the only problem being that we have no place big enough in our yard to play it.

We look forward to next vB/Eubanks Adventure!!

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  1. toni
    August 12th, 2009 at 13:09 | #1

    We had SO much fun!! Our guest bedroom is ready and waiting for you and Dave whenever you want to visit…and that’s no joke!! Now…onto planning our snowboarding vacation!

    BTW…in the second picture from the top, I’m sure you know which one I am referring to, I don’t know what is worse…the look on Mike’s face or my tongue! ;)

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