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Green Oak Farm

August 16th, 2009

Mr. vB and I spent another fabulous weekend with good friends at another amazing location!  On Friday afternoon we packed up the car and headed down the road to Providence Fordge, VA.  Destination- GREEN OAK FARM.

This farm has been in my friend Christian’s family since 1687.

Yup- you read that correctly- 1687.

green oak farm sign

This was our 4th Annual Trip to the farm and this year did not disappoint.  

Here’s a tour of the farm.


Here is the main farmhouse. The land was patented to the Christian family around the late 1600′s by the King of England.   And the original structure consisted of just a cellar because Indian’s still inhabited this land. For safety, the Christian’s had to hide below ground. Over time, the family added more rooms and a second floor.  Today the main house consists of a living room, a dining room, a kitchen and four bedrooms.  Many of the door frames in the house are about 6′ tall, where the standard one today is about 7′ tall.  Mr. vB tends to forget about the height difference and has clunked his head on them several times.

DSC_0135Here is the lane that leads up to the farm.  During the Civil War Union soldiers camped out in these fields.  And surprisingly the house survived the war as most homes that the Union came across were burnt to the ground.

DSC_0131Here are some of the original barns that are still being used today.

DSC_0148This structure used to be the farm office and now is the guest cottage.  There are 2 bedrooms that are connected with a bathroom in the middle.



And here is the Pool house!


We love going out to the farm because it it so quiet and relaxing.  We spent most of the day Saturday lounging by the pool reading magazines and napping.  It was awesome!  And we never skimp on the food or drink.  For dinner on Saturday night we changed it up a bit.  We normally eat either in the main house or the pool house, but instead we decided to eat under the stars. We first started with a cocktail hour out under the 200 year old Ginkgo Tree.





And then we moved around to the front of the house for dinner.


I felt like we had walked onto a movie set- it was absolutely gorgeous!  And once the sun finally set you could see every star in the sky.  (Us city folk forget how dark in can get out in the country.)

DSC_0201 It would take your eyes just a bit to adjust to the darkness and then you could see.  Unfortunately the camera didn’t adjust so easily.  Here is Mr. vB trying to take a photo without the flash.

DSC_0205 Can you barley see our outlines??

DSC_0207Ah- there we are!

Thanks again Christian for an awesome weekend.  We thoroughly enjoy ourselves every time and can’t wait for next year!

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  1. Anne W
    August 18th, 2009 at 10:00 | #1

    Looks like so much fun!!!

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