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Girlie Time…

September 21st, 2009

So don’t get me wrong- I love home improvement and all that goes along with it {dirt, sweat and tears} but sometimes I like to be girlie.  And that’s where I was this weekend.. watching E!‘s weekend marathon of Khloe and Kourtney Take Miami not wanting to mess up my manicure.

It all started Friday afternoon when my mums came to town for a Girls Weekend. Our plan was to look for furniture, paint and fabric for her house.  So we started by hitting Williams & Sherrill, a great local fabric house.  We scored some great fabric swatches for windows treatments for her house {and mine} and then we hit our favorite nail salon, ATIR, to get some pedicures.  The nail polish line they carry is called Essie and their Fall colors include a fun gray and brown.  Now normally I am a bright nail polish kinda girl, but I was a sucker for the brown this go round and it looks awesome!

So once our pedi’s were dry we headed back to my house to make a yummy recipe that I had found on Cookinglight.com.  It was a Phyllo Pizza with Feta, Basil, and Tomatoes and it was YUMMO!  Also super easy and quick, I actually impressed myself.

Then on Saturday morning my mums and I got up early and hit the town.  We went to  some local furniture consignment stores and also Lowe’s for some paint samples.  We had no luck at the furniture stores but did get some ideas.  And we took a SLEW of paint chips from Lowe’s and I think we found some winners!  I also made us go back to Atir and get a manicure to match our pedicures from the night before.

For those that were worried that I was neglecting Mr.vB while I was having girl time with my mom- no worries- he was down at the Rivah House doing boy things so he was fine.  But after my mom left I was kinda bored and lonely so I called up my niece Maddy.  I thought it could be fun for her and I to have a Pajama Party Sleep Over.  She agreed, so I was off to pick her up.  I thought I might stay and have dinner with her mom and dad before we came back over to my house, but when I pulled into the their drive way, Maddy was waiting for me at the front door with her bags packed!  She was ready to have fun!

Now fun to a 2.5 year old and fun to a thirty something year old are quite different and considering I have NO toys at at my house we had to get creative.  We first got into our jammie-jams and then turned on Nick Jr..  We painted toenails AND fingernails (no worries it was clear polish) and then drew some pictures for Mr.vB.  By the time all that was done it was bed time for Miss Maddy. (sorry I have no photos of any of this fun- Mr.vB had taken the camera with him to the River.)  She and I both slept in our king size bed.  I slept how most people do, head at pillow, feet at other end.  But Maddy slept side to side.  It’s hard to believe that a little person could take up an entire bed but she managed to do it!

By Sunday morning I figured I had already spent the better portion of the weekend being girlie, so I might as well milk the whole thing for what it was worth.  I will admit that I did want to work on the back yard a bit, so I did break a sweat cutting the grass.  I also dug up all the cucumber and spaghetti squash vines from the garden.  They didn’t appear to be cross pollinating so we weren’t getting any veggies.  Low and behold though, as I was ripping them up, a big fat cucumber fell on my foot! HAHA!  The vB’s are officially farmers!!

But back to my girlie day… Mr. vB came out back as i was putting away the lawn mower and told me he was going to work in the garage a bit and wanted to know if I wanted to help.  I told him I was more in the mood to go shopping and invited him to Jcrew with me… he politely declined and told me I was on my own.  Knowing that I had limited fundage in the old bank account I switched gears away from Jcrew and decided to hit up my local Forever 32 21 store for some fun, new, CHEAP goodies.  How can you say no to a $19 cable knit sweater??  I couldn’t.. it is now in my closet.  I also fell in love with a line of t-shirts they are doing for the World Wildlife Fund. $1 from every shirt purchased goes to the WWF.  Look How cute this panda shirt is…

pandaThey didn’t have any mediums left so I ended up getting a cute shirt with 2 Giraffes on it.  I might buy the panda one online. Depends on how much shipping is…we shall see.

Sorry again for all the text and no photos…I will have a talk with Mr. vB about checking out the camera without asking!

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  1. Anne W
    September 22nd, 2009 at 06:27 | #1

    What a sweet auntie you are! And congrats on that cucumber!! Oh, and tell your mama to check out craigslist for furniture–I’m newly resolved to look there before I buy new. While it can take longer to find what you want, it can be worth it!

  2. Joette
    September 22nd, 2009 at 11:43 | #2

    I am thinking that you and Mr. vB should invest in another camera (maybe an anniversary gift to yourselves)!

  3. Sarah G
    September 23rd, 2009 at 07:57 | #3

    I had limited luck with my veggies this year, my courgettes (Zucchini to you americans) just kept giving me flowers. Wonder if its the Byrd Park soil or maybe my fingers aren’t green enough.

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