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October 6th, 2009

You know Mr.vB and I are notorious for multi tasking when it comes to Home Improvements.  We barely have one project finished before we jump into another.  Currently we are:

  • Working on the Kitchen Renovation
  • Trying to order and install the rest of the Replacement Windows before Winter hits (9 Down, 7 To Go)
  • Trying to prep the back of the house for vinyl siding
  • Staining the Deck

And the newest project to add to the list is adding wood paneling to the wall behind our bed.  Originally Mr.vB thought about the idea of paneling the whole room, but I think it would look too busy.  Plus I have been bugging him for some time now about getting a headboard for our bed- this would be the perfect solution!

Here is what it looked like before:

Bed before

It doesn’t show the whole wall but you get the jist.  Originally when Mr.vB moved in, the chimney stack was centered on this wall, meaning there wasn’t one solid wall in the room to put the bed against. Being the smarty that he is,  he built a new wall right beside the stack to make it appear wider than it really was.  And wadda ya know, it is the exact width of a king size bed.   He also added a little built in shelf unit that you see right above the pillows on the right side of the bed.  It’s the perfect spot for an alarm clock or glass of water.

So I spent some time last night searching the web for wood paneling ideas.  I surprisingly didn’t come across too many in a bedroom scenario- more in living rooms and dining rooms.  This image of a bathroom did spark my interest though..

red paneling

I like how the paneling only goes half way up the wall and I can totally in-vision a bed against it.

It was all I needed to get started!  I got out my trusty blue painter’s tape and started taping up some ideas.

DSC_0264I knew I would need to keep in mind the open shelf, but I think it can be easily incorporated.  I am also not too sure yet of the scale/proportion.  I was totally just guessing at the height of it all.

Once we get the proportions figured out, I will then leave it to my trusty husband to determine exactly how to build it.  We will also have to decide it we want to paint it the same color as the walls, maybe a darker shade to pop, or even wilder- incorproate some wall paper into each niche.  Hmm.. wonder if I could talk Mr.vB into installing some cool wall sconces too!

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  1. Daphney Walker
    December 15th, 2009 at 23:32 | #1

    Hi, I was just emptying out an old trunk that I’ve had for 30+ yrs and was the trunk a dear old friend of mine used when she went off to college. I was researching the name “The Totty Trunt” that is on the side and I found your blog. I must part with the trunk and wondered if you knew someone who would be interested in it? I can send pictures if anyone is interested. Your grandmother sounds wonderful.

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