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We’re 100!

November 14th, 2009


Of course not literally, but 100 posts into our blog that is! Hard to believe I’ve had that much to say! I looked back to the very first post I wrote and sheesh.. thank goodness I have found more exciting things to blog about since then!

This weekend Mr.vB and I are hoping to install 2 more replacement windows, get a new digital thermostat for our furnace, hang the pelmet/cornice boxes in the guest room, and put the remainder of the new kitchen cabinet doors on.  Let me backtrack- this list is what I hope to accomplish.  Let’s hope Mr. vB is on the same page! (honey if you’re reading this- love you!)

We’re also working on a bit of a face list for our little blog.  No- we aren’t geting too big for our britches. It’s something that has been in the works for awhile now.  Just need to put on the finishing touches and we will be ready for the big debue!

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