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Another Face-lift??

December 17th, 2009

Per normal vB style, I have begun to day-dream about another room face-lift without finishing the ones I have already started. {ie. the Kitchen, the Master Bedroom, and the Guestroom.}  Mr. vB’s thought process of “starting new projects is more fun than finishing them”, has certainly worn off on me! ha-ha

But in my defense, there was a catalyst to jumping into this new room redo.  Let me explain..

My good buddy  Sarah “Sauce” Elliott has been doing a little home improvement of her own and was looking for somewhere to store her antique dining room table and 6 shield-back chairs.  She no longer had room for them and wouldn’t need it until they moved into a larger house with a formal dining room.  I casually said to her as my heart was racing, “You can just store it at my house.” {side note- Mr. vB and I have yet to acquire our own dining room set.  We are currently using a friend’s antique round table with 4 chairs.  It has been a great table to us, but doesn’t allow for more then 4 people to sit at it.  Normally Mr. vB and I only use the table when we have family over and that is always 6+ people.  Now you see why my heart was racing as I hear a friend is looking for a home for a great table that can extend up to 8 people!} Without skipping a beat, Sarah said “sure- that would be great!” Now to ensure that Sarah wouldn’t change her mind on me stealing borrowing her dining room table and chairs, I actually took a chair home with me that same day as collateral.  I figured it would be harder for her to change her mind if she knew I already had a chair! {how terrible of me- I know!}

When I spoke with Sarah the next day, she was still quite excited that I was giving her table a new home.  She even helped load the remaining chairs into the back of my SUV.  Now I just need to borrow my brother in law’s pickup and some brute strength to get the table home.

Dining Room Chairs- Back of car

Here’s the breakdown on what I for see happening during the Dining Room Face-Lift of 2010{Again all is based on a tight budget and making “the Benjamins” stretch as far as they can!}

Totty Curtains1. New Window Treatments: I have already asked Santa for money to put towards floor length drapes that look similar to this pattern (Southern Living- November Issue), but maybe in black/cream or red/cream.  Just your basic pinch pleat on a thick drapery rod.

2. A New Rug:  I feel like I have posted before about the pink/navy oriental rug that currently resides in our dining room.  It is another great freebie that was lent to us by Mr. vB’s father who found it for $99 bucks at an Estate Sale.  Great Price- Hideous color combination!  DSC_0131

I am envisioning a basic sea-grass/sisal rug with a colorful border.  I figure the sisal will wear well, won’t show a ton of dog hair, plus won’t fight the living room rug that will just be a few feet away!  Maybe something similar to these.

sisal rugs

3. New Artwork: Mr. vB and I created this sculptural piece when we first moved into the house.  The circles are actually old records that I painted and then drilled holes into to hang.  As you can see we had a causality with one of the records.  Another reason it might be time to move on to something else.


Maybe we could frame up some maps, or print some black and white photos of the monuments around Richmond.  This one I am going to have to think about a little more.

4. New Built In Cabinet/Booksleves: Mr. vB’s original design for the dining room called for 2 alcoves that would house cabinetry/built in bookshelves.

DSC_0142So far we have only filled one of the alcoves with our “bar” area.

DSC_0143We are still debating if we want the other side to match exactly or if it should be more of a bookcase scenario.  Either way, added space to put things in or on is a PLUS!

5. New Wing Chairs:  I have always been a fan of getting 2 wing chairs to use at each end of a dining room table.  Since my dining room is a tad on the small side, I might have to opt for just one, but we shall see.  I have been thinking about searching the local thrift stores/craigslist for a slightly worn chair.  Then I could try my hand at upholstering it myself!  Here is a photo of a house that Younghouselove.com crashed that has the exact style that I am going for.

wing chairs

But before I get too ahead of myself, how am I gonna get this table home?!?!

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admin Dining Room Makeover

  1. Sarah G
    December 17th, 2009 at 12:40 | #1

    Sounds great Totty! always good to be able to seat more people for dinner!
    They have those sisal/jute rugs at a great prices at World Market. We have one in our lounge and its standing the test of time really well.
    That and heres a plus you’ll enjoy…. Our cat Chigga thinks this is way better for using to scratch her claws than our furniture! the rug must be built for this because there is no evidence of scratching at all!

  2. ashley
    December 17th, 2009 at 18:16 | #2

    i can paint you something – seriously! i know i’ve been saying that for years but i like to have more guidance than david ever gives me. if you’ve got photos or at least a size and general theme i’ll can make it happen sometime in 2010…

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