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Are you my Homie?

December 23rd, 2009

I got yet another exciting email this week, this time from my buddy Michael Murphy.

Michael emailed to tell me that he had nominated bootsandtotty.com for a Homie award over at apartmenttherapy.com.

What is a Homie Award you might ask?

Here is a snipet directly from their website.  Click here to see more.

I was so stoked by his email, that if I hadn’t have been driving, I probably would have jumped up and down.  {Yes- I realize I haven’t actually won anything, but I am just excited about the nomination.  I am on the list with the blogs that I drool over- Urban Grace, Pure Style Home, and Young House Love.} Michael did preface in his email, that there was some stiff competition, but heck, just to be nominated is great with me!

If you get a minute, please pop on over to apartmenttherapy.com {click here} and give bootsandtotty.com a shout-out as one of your favorite new blogs!  The $50 prize could come in handy finishing the kitchen, the bedroom, the guestroom {you catch my drift} or starting a whole new project all together!

And many thanks to MLM for starting the nominations! Love Ya!

{Me and Michael on my Wedding Day}

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