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Now you see it and now you don’t…

December 3rd, 2009

Have I ever shown you guys the storage areas above the guest room closets?  They are a bit random, but I am not one to turn down extra storage space. (especially in a Fan House that has about zero storage..)

Here is a REALLY BAD before photo of the closets when I had just moved in with Mr.vB.

DSC01134-1See the open cubbies above both closets?

I had left them open because I always envisioned doing something cool with shutters to close them off. But yeah, that never happened.  Instead, my mums had a great idea to just buy a sheet the same color as the newly painted turquoise walls and make curtains!

Bravo Mums- what a simple and easy solution!

So we found a flat sheet at Kmart that was almost the exact color of the walls.  We also picked up 2 tension rods to hang the fabric from.  Then we whipped out the sewing machine, cut the sheet in half, and sewed a pocket at the top of each sheet for the rod to fit through.  All that was left to do was thread the rod through the pocket and voila!


I didn’t even hem the bottom half because I figured I could just tuck it under itself and you would never know! {A little lazy- YES, but a time saver}


Here is the finished product.


Now you almost don’t even know the cubbies are there.  I like how the fabric matches the walls so perfectly.


And here is the sneak peek of all my xmas decorations hiding behind the curtain.  I am going to get Mr. vB to help me get it all down tonight so we can start decorating!!!


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