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BBURP Outing #4

February 3rd, 2010

Cafe Gutenberg and River City Diner

Last Friday night we were back on the town still looking for the perfect burger…

We headed down to the Farmers Market Area to check out side by side competitors Cafe Gutenberg and River City Diner.

Cafe Gutenberg has always had good food, but recently changed hands, so we were wondering if it was still up to par.  Things started off well.

I was quite excited to see on menu Grass Fed Gutenburger. {especially after that recent Oprah on the movie Food, Inc, but that’s a different post all together!} Local Beef, Local Produce..nice.

The presentation was great!  BUT…my medium burger came out almost rare! Ugh! I actually left the last bite on my plate…

The next stop was literally 4 doors down from Cafe Gutenberg, so I didn’t sulk too long because I knew we were on to get another burger. It could only get better.  Right?!

The vibe in River City is definitely that of a diner.  Great 80′s Tunes were rocking in the background and more than once someone at our table started to belt out a lyric or two.

Mr. vB and I ordered up the grilled onion and Swiss burger and the Monger’s got one with cheddar and jalapenos. {AND a chocolate & peanut butter milkshake!}

Apparently it just wasn’t my night for burgers.  Again we ordered it medium and this time it came out Well Done.  {You know I normally don’t like to pass judgment on any of the burgers until all have been tasted, but having struck out at both places I just couldn’t hold it in.} Mr. vB didn’t seem to mind, and I allowed the onion rings to make up for the burger disappointment.

We are back out this Friday Night and we will have a guest judge in tow!  My Mums is coming to town for the weekend to help with some projects, so we invited her to join us in the burger tasting as well.  She toted herself today as a Burger Connoisseur… let’s see how she feels after 2 burgers in one night!

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