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Snow ain’t so grand…

February 5th, 2010

Richmond is having it’s 3rd snow storm in 6 weeks.  Yes you read that correctly.  The first time it’s fun and pretty, second time it’s kinda cool, third time just straight up sucks.  Let me explain..

This morning I headed over to the local Kroger to pick up a few items to sustain Mr. vB and I throughout the blizzard weekend.  The place was INSANE!!!  There were no carts left, barley any food, and CRAZY people at every turn.  I took my time, gathered my groceries, and then hunkered down in line to wait my turn at the checkout.

As I was patiently waiting my turn, I heard someone behind me ask, “Is this the express line?”  I turned and said, “no we are all in the same line.”  They responded by saying, “Actually, this is the 15 items or less line and you have 25 items in your cart.”

I think my head whipped around like the girl from the exorcist.  In my most calm voice I responded by saying, ” We are all in the same boat here.  I don’t think it matters what line you are in today.”  {Mind you EVERY line was 30 people deep}  The ladies behind me continued to be obsessed by the fact that I had an extra 10 items in my cart.  They even had the audacity to tell me I needed to get in another lane.  Really people?? I don’t think I was in the wrong for standing strong in the 15 items or less lane.  I told the ladies they could switch lanes if they were that worried about the number of groceries in my cart!!!

UGH!!!!  It took me almost all day to calm down from that nonsense!  Snow really can bring out the worst in people, can’t it??

Any-who, we had to postpone the BBURP Outing #5 tonight.  Mums couldn’t make it to town and we {Dnort, dwayne, and mae-mae} didn’t think it would be good to be out driving in this mess.

So it looks like it’s going to be another weekend stuck indoors working on the kitchen.  Which is actually a good thing.  Keep those fingers crossed that I will be able to post some finished photos during the Super Bowl.  Not literally on CBS during the game, I meant on the blog.  But you probably figured that…

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admin Mrs.vB

  1. February 6th, 2010 at 06:22 | #1

    Imagine how anal that person must be in their everyday life! When everyone’s in line this way, I see it as a chance to laugh, spread a little good cheer, and feel neighborly.

    The way the lines were forming over the last two days, there was no way to know which lane your line was headed for. People need to chill out!

    Maybe she’s from the deep south and really things this is a “snowpacalypse”.

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