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Is it April already??

April 5th, 2010

Another week flown by… And it was quite the busy one!  I was traveling for work in Philly, when I got an email from Mr.vB that Young House Love had featured our Kitchen Redesign.  HOORAH!  We had been expecting the post, as Sherry had told us it would be coming, BUT our Web Hosting company wasn’t.  With several hundred people pouring to our site it did the worst thing possible.  IT CRASHED!!!  FOR HOURS!!! My IT guy (Mr. vB) immediatley jumped on the issue, but it still took 5 hours to get it back up and running.

So welcome to all the new readers over here at Bootsandtotty.com.  Mr. vB and I hope you have enjoyed reading about our renovations… We got some more up our sleeve! 

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