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Home Sweet Home!!

May 26th, 2010

Well I am quite happy to announce that my Mums and Daddio moved back into their house today!

I popped down to Newport News after work just so I could see it for myself!  Can you believe its been almost a full year since the freak house fire? (for the full story click here)

I know it has been a long stressful year for them both, that is why I am so happy that things are FINALLY getting back to normal for them!

Welcome Home Edwards Family, Welcome Home!!

{Interior photos to follow shortly..that is once all 200 boxes are unpacked.  No pressure Mums!}

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Being Thankful, Family, Rebuilding

Wishful Thinking…

May 16th, 2010

Yet another busy work week that left no time to blog! Sorry!!!

Mr. vB and I have had a busy weekend working in the yard as well as in the basement.  Photos to follow shortly.

I have also started to empty out the to be nursery.  The hard part is trying to figure out where to put all the displaced things.  Books, frames, knick-knacks.  {Sounds like Mr. vB might need to get busy building bookshelves in some other part of the house.}  I’m also debating on doing a mood board to show you guys what the plan is for the room.. or should it be a surprise?!

On another note, we have about a month left until we get to find out the sex of this little vB that is rocking my world. {14 weeks down and morning sickness is sticking to me like white on rice.}  I’m going to be excited to find out either way, but to be honest I am on TEAM GIRL.  So much so that I couldn’t help myself at Target today.  I figured a little wishful thinking never hurt.

How cute is this??

I can just envision her chubby little legs poking out of this outfit!

Have no fear though, if we find out it’s a BOY I have until the end of August to return it.

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Baby vB, Target

Happy Mother’s Day!

May 8th, 2010

I spent an early Mother’s Day with my Mums and sis in law Marty today.  What fabulous women and mothers both these ladies are!

We started at our favorite restaurant in Newport News for a little lunch.

{sorry for the blurriness- the IPhone camera was not on its best behavior}

What did you expect? Something fancy?!?

Us Edwards’ gals love us some Hot Dog King.  Best Grilled Foot Long this side of the Mississippi.

Here’s a shot of my lunch.

You can call me plain-jane when it comes to my dog- it’s okay.  I like to see myself as a hot dog connoisseur.  No need for all the extra toppers, unless I know it’s not a high quality dog. In that case it helps hide the imperfections.

{you guys didn’t know I had such a scientific side to me, nor that I had such a love for hot-dogs did ya?}

After we devoured every delicious bite, we then headed over to check out my parents ALMOST finished house!!    I debated taking a few photos, but I want to wait until they are all moved in.  Then we’ll do the big reveal.  Can you believe though that on June 15th it will have been one full year since the explosion.  To my parents I know it has felt like an eternity.  I will be so happy when they are back at home and I know they will be too.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!  Enjoy your day! YOU DESERVE IT!

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Another Project in the Making…

May 5th, 2010

This one has been going on behind the scenes for a little over 3 months now.  It’s the true reason for my lack of posting, our lack of taking on new renovation projects, and {TOTAL} lack of feeling like doing anything else than laying in my bed!!

Have you guessed yet? 


Mr. vB and I are so excited. You’ve seen in previous posts, how much fun we have with all our niece and nephews.  Now we get to spoil our own kid rotten!! {have no fear Maddy, Travers, or Philip- we will still spoil you too!}

We just finished up our 1st trimester and I’m anxiously awaiting the morning sickness and hyper-sensitvity to smell to come to an end!!  I literally cannot walk anywhere on the 1st floor of our house with gagging. {I blame it on the new sisal rug in the kitchen and dining room.} It REALLY puts a cramp in my everyday routine. Also no more coffee, no more fried foods, and no more cooking in general.  Poor Mr. vB hasn’t had a home cooked meal in over 2 months!!

But I am quite excited to get working on the nursery!!  We are planning on using the small sitting room right off the master bedroom, which will be just perfect.  Enough room for a crib, changing table, and a glider!  But it will require a bit of work.  We will be adding a door that will slide across the opening between the 2 rooms, as well as doing some fun painting.  I’m envisioning a very fresh, crisp nursery that isn’t overly boy OR girl.  Ideas are swirling in my head!  Can’t wait to get Mr. vB focused started on it!

Here’s a sneak peek at the room before. (Disclaimer: the room is still junked up from when we moved everything upstairs to refinish the hardwood floors.  You know I’m not normally such a pack rat!)

So now you know and I ask you forgive me for the lack of excitement around this blog recently.  Things are gonna pick up soon I promise!  Stay Tuned!

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