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I’ve offically gone crazy!

June 29th, 2010

Baby Crazy that is.

Mr. vB and I had our 20 week ultrasound appointment this morning.  And the way I was acting you would have thought it was Christmas!!  I could barely sleep last night and when I did, I dreamed of holding a beautiful baby girl in a pink polka dot blanket in my arms.

So off to the Doctor we went nice and early this morning.  The technician started the procedure and immediately my breath was taken away.  I finally got a glimpse of my {our} baby that has been tossing and tumbling in my belly.  It was truly amazing.

We mentioned early on, to both the Doctor and the Technician, that we definitely wanted to know what the gender was of our child.  So as the Tech continued the procedure, the Doctor commented, “I can tell the sex by the size of its brain”, clearing trying to add a little laughter to the room.  I think both me and Mr. vB gave a nervous chuckle, but then died with laughter when the Technician followed him by saying, “I can tell by its PENIS!”

At that moment it didn’t even cross my mind that there was an option of having a girl.  I was having a boy.  My own baby boy to love and squish on.  I was over the moon!!! And needless to say Mr. vB was too!!

So here is the very first picture of our healthy baby boy.  We have already nicknamed him van!

And this is the picture I plan on showing when he turns 16, again at 21 and then when he finds the girl he wants to marry.

Do not try to adjust your screens.  It does indeed say wow on the image that clearly is defining, and measuring , my son’s “manhood”.  Isn’t that hilarious!?!?!

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Baby vB

Now that’s a Sweet Ride…

June 27th, 2010

Look at what Mr.vB and I received this weekend… 

It’s hard to tell, but it’s our stroller.

Here’s a shot of Mr. vB putting it together.

20 minutes later our SWEET new Stroller was ready to roll!

It’s a Bumbleride Indie Stroller, Color Spice.  Check out their website here-

SO MANY THANKS to Greta and Sarah for this oh so generous gift.  You guys are amazing {bff’s} friends and I “luh you” very much!!

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Baby vB, Things Babies Need

Still Kickin..

June 24th, 2010

Hey All.  I’m still alive in case you were wondering if I had fallen off the face of the earth.  I have been traveling the past week and a half for work, which leaves little time for home improvements or blogging about them!

Baby vB is still kickin’ too- literally.  {He/She is doing somersaults and back flips as we speak.}  Only 4 days left until our ultrasound to see how the baby is doing and to find out if it’s a BOY or GIRL!  I am really excited to see the baby in general.  We haven’t had an ultrasound since week 4 and that was just to confirm the pregnancy.

Have no fear.. there will definitely be a post on Tuesday to let you guys know if we will be buying pink or blue for the next 5 months.

In the meantime I am going to leave you with this super cute photo of my bro and his 2 sons {travers and gus}.

Talk to you on Tuesday!!

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Baby vB, Family


June 14th, 2010

William Augustus Edwards

Born June 14, 2010 at 10:41am

8 lbs 2 oz and 18.1″ long

Mr. vB and I are so excited to welcome our newest nephew to the family.  We were anxiously awaiting his arrival this morning along with CeeCee, Honey, Mammama, and Pop in the waiting room.  The above photo was taken about 30 mins after he was born and he is the spitting image of his Big Bro Travers.

Here is the happy family after Travers met his little brother for the first time.  Nothing like a little Chic-fil-a to say, “Welcome to the World lil’ bro- want a waffle fry?”

Mom, Dad, and “Gus” are doing great and are expected to come home later in the week!

Congrats Marty and Travers!! We love you!!

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I just couldn’t resist.

June 13th, 2010

When I saw this post on Erika’s blog {Urban Grace Interiors} I had to check out them out for myself.

What I found {at} were the cutest little felt hair barrettes that I have ever seen! Here are just a few…

And I just couldn’t resist picking up a few for baby vB.  Just in-case. {Remember I’m on Team GIRL- 2 weeks till we find out!}  My actual thought was that I would pick up one for baby vB but then I grabbed a few more.  Don’t worry the other ones are to give as gifts!

So.. I was quite excited when Mr. vB and I got home today, from a fabulous weekend with friends and family, to find that my hair barrettes had arrived!!  I was “giddy” over the packing and I hadn’t even seen the barrettes yet!!

It was hard to choose but the Baby Squirrel, Owl, Birdie and Piggie were my favorites.

My iPhone camera just does not do these cuties justice.  Our nice camera is being borrowed by my bro and sis-in-law as tomorrow is their BIG day!  At about 10:15 tomorrow morning I will become an aunt again for the 4th time!  If it’s a Girl and she’s born with a head full of hair, I might have to sneak one of these barrettes into a photo.  Think the new mom/new dad/nurses will mind?

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Baby vB

The Nursery- Part 1 Continued

June 8th, 2010

As promised, Mr, vB and I got to work finishing up the mess he we made in the master bedroom last weekend.

Actually let me clarify, Mr. vB worked on the drywall, spackling, etc to finish off the construction of the recessed TV.  While I continued to work on painting the nursery. BRAVO to my readers who spied the horizontal stripes in the background of this photo.

What you didn’t see is that the stripes are actually going to be turquoise and white.  My scheme is to keep it simple and fresh looking by playing up the turquoise chandelier and the turquoise/white knobs on the dresser {soon to be changing table}.

Plus since it’s going to be a fairly small nursery, I thought some stripes would really give it the punch that I am looking for.

Here’s the only other sneak peak I’m going to give you until it is all finished.

And here’s Mr. vB’s progress on the big ol’ hole in the wall.

Now we just have to sand, apply another coat of spackle, sand again, and paint. All I can say is that I hope after all this work, the dang sliding door works like we want it to!!

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I’m seeing stripes…

June 3rd, 2010

So on my lunch break yesterday I popped into Anthropologie.  BAD IDEA! So many cute things not meant for a pregnant person to wear.  It was almost cruel.

Once I stopped focusing on the clothes and onto their home-goods is when the real fun began.

I came across this and just COULDN’T leave it at the store.

It/He {still working on the perfect name} was begging for me to buy him and hang him in the nursery.  I did check with the clerk and if worse came to worse and Mr. vB thought I was crazy, she did say I could return it.

But, no need to!  Mr. vB loved him!

And as I type, Mr. No Name Zebra Head is hanging in his new home!

Now maybe I need to focus on more baby related things for the nursery, like say a crib?

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Nursery- Part I

June 2nd, 2010

Mr. vB and I got to work on the nursery for the first time this past 3 day weekend.. and WHAT A MESS we created!!!

I worked in the actual nursery, while Mr. vB created the mess worked in the adjoining master bedroom.  Remember how I hinted that we were going to do a sliding door across the opening between the 2 rooms?

Well we ran into a bit of a snag.

The wall on the nursery side wasn’t long enough for the 6 foot sliding door to sit against. While in the master bedroom we had plenty of room, but our flat screen TV was in the way.

So what did we do?

Typical vB style, we ripped a gigantic hole in the wall so the TV could be recessed into it.  Which in turn would allow the new door to slide seamlessly in front if it.  A great solution right?  Mr. vB did warn me that it was going to be a gigantic mess, but it never really hits me until I see it for myself.  He was correct.  It was a MESS!!

Here’s the play by play…

First Mr. vB taped off where the TV would sit into the wall.  Then using a circular saw he cut the square out.

This is where the mess came from.  Of course this wall was one of the original plaster and lathe walls as you can see below.  This meant that the plaster crumbled every time Mr. vB removed a piece.

Finally he cut out the existing studs and relocated them with new 2×4′s for wall support and  TV support.  He also relocated the power and cable.

And viola… 3 hours later, a recessed TV.

This picture immediately makes me think of the movie The Money Pit. {remember with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long?} I think it is because of the crumbling wall and exposed lathe.  Very classy looking I know.

This coming weekend we plan on removing the TV, dry-walling the opening, adding some trim and then painting it all.  At that point it should be less Money Pit-ish and more High Dollar!  Or let’s at least hope so!!!

P.S.  If you look really hard at the photo above you can also catch a glimpse of what I was busy working on in the nursery!  Any guesses?!?

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Home Improvement, Nursery

Summer-time is here!!

June 1st, 2010

Even though it’s not officially summer yet, I always feel like Memorial Day kicks it off.

And in honor of summer, my green dragonfly is back on the front storm door.

I also got a cute fern for the urn on the front porch. {yes it needs some water- sorry for the droopiness}

I think it makes a nice combo…

I then moved my $1.39 Home Goods Flower to the garage door.

Gotta have alittle flair in both the front and back!  Didn’t your momma teach you anything?!

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