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He’s “van” tastic…

Mr. vB and I headed down to Myrtle Beach this past weekend for some fun {and much needed relaxation} down by the ocean.  As expected, traffic was horrible, but we powered through the 6 hour road trip with only ONE prego potty stop.  Impressive eh??  But when we arrived, I didn’t have time for hugs or kisses- I was headed straight to the potty. {Looking back on the moment I probably seemed pretty rude- but dang I had to PEE!  Don’t pregnant women get waivers on such cordials when a full bladder is involved?!}  Okay- enough about my bladder- back to our visit.

When I finally emerged from the potty to give proper hugs and kisses, everyone was kinda staring at me.  I looked at Mr. vB and then looked around the room and realized I had just busted thru our surprise baby shower without even noticing!! OOPS!!

Mr. vB’s family were all in on it and the room was filled with amazing things!

Diaper Cakes

Zebra Cookies {I see a theme starting here}

And the Cutest Clothes and Toys you’ve ever seen!

Lots of Love to Peggy, Houston, Justin, Keri, Maddy, Pip, Ashley, Thomas, Pope and Wren for all the amazing things!!

Baby van {and his momma & daddy} think you guys are pretty fantastic too!

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  1. Emily Watson Bertsch
    July 7th, 2010 at 00:57 | #1

    Hi Totty! This is SO cute. I’m very excited for you, Mr. vB and Baby! Your blog is fantastic too. Can’t wait to see more and excited for Baby vB’s arrival!

  2. Aunt T
    July 7th, 2010 at 15:54 | #2


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