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Shoe of the Month- August

August 18th, 2010

I’ve got another great sandal for you guys to snatch up!

Have you ever heard of the Jack Rogers Navajo Sandal?  They’ve been around since the 60′s when Jackie O made them famous by sporting them around and they “swiftly became the footwear of choice for resort-chic dressing.”  {No I didn’t come up with that statement myself.  It is straight from the Jack Rogers Website!} Ooh-la-la!!

Jack Rogers..Navajo…$96

Their price tag is a bit steep, but leave it to good old Tar-gee to do a more budget friendly version.

Target- Enid Whipstich by Merona…$19.99

Rack Room Shoes is getting in on the action too!  A little pricer than the Target version, but they have a nice wedge heel.

The Jill Shoe by Franco Fortini… On Sale for $39.99

(Online they only show this brown option, but I know stores are carrying gold and silver versions too!)

There are definitely subtle differences, but to save $50 to $70 smack-o-roos I think I could live with them.  What about you?

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