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Who doesn’t like a little organization??

September 1st, 2010

As we continue to prepare for van’s arrival, we’ve definitely had to rethink our storage needs.  Van’s closet once housed the ironing board/iron, the vacuum, the sewing machine, etc.  And since that closet is now filled with cute baby things, we have had to find somewhere else for all that stuff to go.  {For anyone that lives in an old house, you know closets are far and few between.}

Enter my fabulous husband.  I proposed an idea and he implemented it with gusto!

Now I had been debating on going to Ikea to buy some cool storage cabinets, but that required driving about 3 hours round trip, picking up the goods, and then praying that there was no damage or missing pieces once we started to put it together.  So luckily on a recent trip to Lowe’s these cabinets caught my eye.

I came home, did a bit of space planning/measuring, and then took Mr.vB back to get his thoughts.  He loved the idea, so when his Mom and Step-dad were in town this past weekend we took them over to Lowe’s to help with the heavy lifting.  {the tall cabinet alone weighed 115 lbs!  No way this prego was going to attempt to lift that!}

Here are some before photos of my Ladies Lounge/Office that had turned into the “catch-all” room for everything that was displaced.

What a MESS!!!

But look at it now…

It’s still not completely finished, but I’m in organization heaven!!

The tall cabinet is going to hold the ironing board/iron, the vacuum, my small collection of wrapping paper, and a few other things.  The middle cabinet is going to house my sewing machine and sewing supplies.  And the drawers on the far right are going to hold all my present wrapping supplies and other crafty things.  Then on the peg board I want to hang all my ribbon, gift bags, etc.

I’ve already started putting stuff away and it is looking awesome.  Hopefully by the end of this coming weekend it will all be finished.  Stay Tuned!

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  1. Rebecca Teaff
    September 1st, 2010 at 20:33 | #1

    love the peg board. didn’t know that was in the plans. it makes the space one step beyond functional!

  2. September 3rd, 2010 at 05:19 | #2

    OOh love it, i know the feeling. Enjoy your new organized space!!!

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