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My New Handy-Man, er, I mean Boy

January 29th, 2011

I wanted you guys to meet the newest handy-boy around our house…

He was quite busy today installing a new dishwasher with his daddyvB.

{Details on that tomorrow}

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Baby vB

2 Months Old!

January 20th, 2011

Time is a flyin! Our boy turned 2 months old on Tuesday!  I can’t believe it!

We celebrated by giving him a bath which produced quite a happy baby!

He is smiling and cooing more and more every day.  I just find it hard to catch those moments with the camera. But believe me- he’s a heart-breaker!

We also celebrated Mr. vB’s birthday this past weekend with a family trip up to Wintergreen.  {For those of you not from the Old Dominion, Wintergreen is one of 2 ski resorts that our great state has.} We were joined by his mom and step-dad, his bro and his family, and his step-sister and her kids.  It was definitely a packed condo, but we had a blast!!  We ate cake, relaxed in the hot tub, hit the slopes, and enjoyed some great family time!  Here are some pics…

Gotta love homemade Birthday Cake!  Thanks to my mums for making it!

VannyB tested out his older cousin’s high chair and I think it was a hit!

“Look ma, I can kick my feet!”

The older kids did some snowboarding…{Justin- where’s your cell phone?!}

While the younger ones watched Scooby-doo on the ipad.

The one thing we didn’t do was get a family photo!  SHAME ON US!

So instead I will end this post with this funny photo of my nephew Philip!

what a cutie!

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Baby vB, Family, Mr.vB

Scared? Not us…

January 14th, 2011

Sounds like our 2011 To-Do List has scared a bunch of you…but not us!! Mr. vB and I have already faced it head on.  One project has already been accomplished and 354 days to finish the other 9 tasks.  That’s like a month and a couple days per project!

Don’t forget, we are use to daunting lists like this.

In 2010 we laid a laminate floor in the basement, refinished the hardwood floors on the first floor, finished our kitchen, built radiator covers, spruced up the laundry room, made a baby, designed a nursery, built a barn door, and worked on the back of the house.  Just to name a few projects…

But back to our 2011 list.  I’m working up a post on the project that Mr. vB has already tackled.

Here’s a sneak peak! Before and During! Happy Friday…

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Home Improvement

New Year’s Resolutions

January 7th, 2011

Happy 2011 everyone!

Mr. vB, van and I rang it in in-style over at my friend Greta’s house… If you can believe it I actually stayed up to see the ball drop at midnight, but then was promptly ready to go home and put my pajamas on.  {ha-ha}

So this year instead of doing personal resolutions, Mr, vB and I have decided to do home resolutions. {I was just informed by Mr. vB that statement really doesn’t make any sense.} So for clarification purposes, we resolve to finish the following house projects in 2011.

1. The Exterior of the Back of the House {siding, etc}

2. The Interior of that Back Addition {new tile floor, new paint, finish window trim}

3. The Half Bath on the First Floor {new tile floor, finish window trim, new faucet}

4. The Fireplace and Hearth in the Living Room {new tile surround and fireplace cover}

5.  The Banister and Stairs to the Second Floor {finish stripping, stain, and paint}

6. The Windows in the Office {finish window trim}

7. The Guest Room and Hall {new windows}

8. The Basement {drywall the ceiling, new stairs, replace windows}

9.  The Exterior of the Front of the House {repaint railing, patch porch roof, repaint window trim}

10. Landscape Front Yard {new plantings, sprinkler system}

Wow- I think that is all.

Good thing we have an entire year to accomplish it all and a great Cheerleader to keep us going!

Go Team vB!

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