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Shoe of the Month- February

February 25th, 2011

So last weekend vannyB and I went shoe shopping while Mr. vB went motorcycle riding with his boyz.

I have been searching for the perfect black flat now for weeks, okay months, but have come up empty handed every time.  Not sure exactly what I’m looking for, but everything I’ve seen is either too flat, too boring, too expensive, or not in my size.  This trip was no different.  I went up and down the flat aisle at DSW about 20 times…I saw several black flats but nothing really, how should we say,  “hit the spot”.

That’s when I decided that I needed to think of this in a different way.  I wanted a pair of basic flats that I could wear with jeans, casual skirts, and shorts once it gets warmer.  Why did I think that black was the only solution?

Enter Metallics- Gold, Bronze, Silver, call it whatever, as long as you call it shiny!

As soon as I changed my mind set, a whole new world of shoes screamed out to me- TAKE ME HOME!

And who was the lucky pair??

Well it’s shoe of the month February, that’s who!

LeSportsac Devin Boat Shoe… $49.95

On the more casual, boating shoe side, but oh so comfortable!!  And they really do go with everything!

Yeah for Metallics!  I deem them the “new black” for Spring/Summer 2011.

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