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DIY Foot Stool

March 28th, 2011

You guys are gonna love this one!

Remember back when Mr. vB and I renovated our Kitchen?  Well we kept a lot of the old cabinet fronts thinking we might be able to reuse them one day.  {on what I wasn’t quite sure at the time}

Fast forward about 6 months when we were knee deep in our Nursery Design.   I randomly commented to Mr. vB that I really wanted to get a foot stool to use with my glider.  Next thing I knew, he had whipped out one of the old cabinet fronts, and was attaching 4 legs that he had picked up from Lowe’s.  How Cool!

Once the legs were securely attached, I painted them the same yellow color that I used on the nightstand and the DIY Bulletin Board.

The next step was to add some cushioning to the top.

I picked up a piece of foam from the fabric store along with some batting and some fun buttons! {I already had the fabric, as I was going to just use left overs from the crib bedding}

The first step was to cut the foam to size.

Then the batting…

And finally the fabric…

To add some interest to the top, I used these cute felt buttons to create some tufts.

I used a SUPER LONG needle to secure each button to the foam/batting/fabric combo.

Here’s the Finished Product…

Now I’m not 100% pleased at the technique I used to secure the fabric to the drawer front.  It was harder than I thought to get the batting and fabric to smoothly flow around the legs.  I think it looks a bit bulky, but I was rushed to get it done before vannyB woke up.  It will do for now, but I’ll probably try to redo it one day when I have a little more time.

But I’m loving the overall look and what a great inexpensive way to get the foot stool I wanted!

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  1. April 4th, 2011 at 08:38 | #1

    Where did you get those adorable felt buttons?! I need to purchase some for my projects!

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