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Getting Into Trouble..

March 13th, 2011

And I blame it all on this little squish…

See, he likes to get up at least one to two times every night for a snack, which means his momma has to be awake and functioning.  To keep myself from dosing off, I use my trusty iPhone to read design blogs.  This is where I find myself getting into trouble!  My mind starts racing about painting this, or building that and next thing I know the sun is up and the day is ready to start!

My latest obsession/project is redoing my office.  I work from home so I spend ALOT of time in this room.  It is currently functional, but I also want it to be fun.  I want to feel inspired when I walk into it, cause right now all I see a big MESS!

Here are some blogger’s offices that I AM LOVING!!

From 6th Street Design School

From Me Oh My

From Making it Lovely

{Do you see a trend with the Ikea Expedit bookshelf unit?    I have one of them too!  Maybe that is why I am drawn to these rooms!}

I feel like there were 3 or 4 more home offices that I have been stalking, but that is the one drawback of surfing the www.com in the middle of the night.  I FORGET where I’ve been or how to get back to that awesome idea that I want to borrow! Oh well- I’m sure I will come across them again at some point.  {But do check out some of the new reads I have added to my blogroll!}

On to my list of items that I would like to acquire or create:

1. A New Desk and Filing System

2. Floor Length Drapes hopefully in a black/white chevron pattern

3. A gently used chandelier that I can spray paint {maybe hot pink?!}

4. And last but not least some new storage items {baskets/boxes} for filing all my crap away!

So there you have it.  Stay Tuned for updates.

Am hoping to get the new desk and book shelf  in the next week or so, which means I’m putting my old stuff on craigslist- anyone need a desk? But in the meantime I want to get the new floor plan pinned down.  Then once the furniture arrives I can get to work on the finishing touches/organization which is always the fun part!

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  1. jenny fox
  2. Catherine
    March 14th, 2011 at 12:48 | #2

    There is a place in Jackson that sells prints on linen and everything is $9.99sy or less…here is your Chevron in black: http://www.premierprintsfabric.com/zzgblk.shtml I just bought some in Village Blue for a few pillows: http://www.premierprintsfabric.com/zzgvbn.shtml.

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