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My Green Thumb

So I was starting to feel like we lived in the “ugly house” on the block.

And not because of the house, but because of the yard.

Look at this thing- It was out of control!!

So with my trusty assistant in tow {see her hiding in the above photos- pink baseball cap?} we were going to get this yard straightened up!

First stop- the greenhouse! We needed some color to liven up that border.

Then it was time to dig, trim, and mulch!

CeCe might have gone a little crazy with the hedge clippers, but she promises it will grow back.

I’m loving the final product!

The “missing” hedge really opens up the porch, but no longer hides the fact that the railing needs to be repainted…

And of course the grass needs to be cut again, but just pretend like you didn’t notice that either!

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