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8 months and 9 days…

July 26th, 2011

Another month means more cute photos of vannyB

This month he has learned to say mama, dada, and just starting to say bye-bye.  The first morning that I was home from my work trip I was greeted at 6am by a little voice yelling from his crib, “mamamamama”…How could I not resist running in and scooping up this cutie-patootie?

Let’s see what else… His little teef’ers are coming in, but in their own style. Apparently most kids get their bottom and top front teeth first.  Well vB has gotten his bottom 2 and the teeth to each side of the front teeth- But not the front teeth!  I asked his doctor if this was okay as I feared he may not have any front teeth.  Luckily she reassured me while it was unique, he most probably did have front teeth!

{see fangs above}

Van also has been spotted walking behind his fun new walker borrowed from his friend Peliah, as well as riding on his new Mickey Mouse Airplane.  Forget the toys that don’t make lots of noise or help him to move around!

And we possibly have the next Karate Kid on our hands?

I’m sososo in love with this little dude, but honestly who wouldn’t be?

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