Beach Babe!

July 10th, 2011

So last weekend me, Mr. vB and the boy headed down to Myrtle beach for some 4th of July Festivities!

I was a bit tentative about how the 6 hour drive would go, but the boy{s} did fine.

Vanny stayed entertained with his toys, one of which was his momma’s iPad.

And Mr. vB was entertained by walkie-talkie-ing his brother who was in the car behind us.

We had a great 4.5 days of beach, sun, food, and most importantly hanging with family!

Here’s some photos of our fun, in no particular order…

{cousin lily anne}

{vanny LOVED the sand almost as much as he loves his daddy}

{van channeling his inner Bruce Springsteen}

{the vB’s}

{the other vB’s}

{I should’ve brought a hair clip!}

So my days of relaxing at the beach are officially over.  Van loved the sand and he was non stop the entire time we were at the beach.  By the end of each day we were BOTH covered head to toe in sand.

Thanks Gigi and Hootie for the great southern hospitality!  We had an awesome time!

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  1. Adrienne
    July 11th, 2011 at 08:20 | #1

    so flipping cute girl!! I love that VannyB has a lobster shirt…he is smart, no fooling around with crabs or crawfish…go right for the good stuff from New England!! ;)

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