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The Weekend {past and present}

August 13th, 2011

Has a week already passed? Geez.. I started this post last Sunday.  My apologies that it has taken a week to get to ya’ll..

So My mom and I were non stop last weekend!  It was crazy!!

Friday night we finished the pelmet boxes. {Hooray!}

Saturday Morning we hit the greenhouse and got some plants for my front planter. {about Time!}

We also went to the Farmer’s Market and got some fresh veggies & DONUTS!! {YUMMO!}

And then once baby vB was down for a nap and safely in the care of his father, mums and I snuck out.  We headed to Joanne’s Fabric, Hobby Lobby, Target, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods in search of a pattern for boys pants, coconut oil, and something to put in the lanterns on my mantle. Quite a combination right?

Well the pants are for vanny B and I hope they turn out something like this..

Photo courtesy of Grace over at grace happens

The coconut oil was so we could make these..

Photo Courtesy of Darby over at Fly Through Our Window

And the something to put in my lanterns, turned out to be these..

I think it was quite a successful trip.  But just an FYI, if you try to make your own peanut butter crispies, cut the peanut butter amount in half. {1 cup vs the 2 they called for} Both my mums and I thought it was WAY too peanut buttery!

So now on to this weekend…

Mr. vB and I have to do some yardwork and some baby proofing.  You know, more baby gates and latches on the cabinets with the cleaning products.  Real Fun Stuff.  But anything to help keep this cute-patoot safe!

Happy Weekend!

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  1. Kristi
    August 19th, 2011 at 19:20 | #1

    It was fun to see your projects in real life today! Such a snazzy place. Hugs to our new pal~ more giggling and adventure to come! (photos at a later date… :} )

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