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Go {to} Target!

September 28th, 2011

I found the cutest shirt at my local Target yesterday and wanted to pass it along..

Merona-Boatneck Tee Geneva Stripe.. $16.99

How cute is the neck detail?

I wore it today with light gray dress slacks and navy heels, but I think it will also look super cute with jeans and tall boots!  Happy Shopping!

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10 Months!

September 26th, 2011

Here we are another month closer to the Big Day!  10 Months Down, 2 Months to go!

Mr. Butter-Bean, as I am affectionately calling him these days, has busy cruising along any and all vertical services at full speed. I even got to witness his first 2 steps last week! {and by the time this went to press several more steps have been had!} They were super wobbly, but steps none the less!

vanny is also chatting up a storm!  His newest word is “arf” and specifically says it after boots or bailey barks!  He also loves to say bye-bye and has started waving {at himself}.  We are working on that.

ButterBean also likes to “pat his momma” which melts my heart.  He loves to pat me on the back/shoulder with his left hand when I carry him around.

Last but not least, van started back to daycare last Thursday after being out for 5 weeks.  Our beloved daycare provider, Ms. Sutton, needed hip replacement surgery so Mr. vB and I had to “wing it” while she was out.  And let me tell you- THAT WAS STRESSFUL!! But I loved every extra minute with my boy!  Just look at this face…


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Baby vB

Thanks Rambling Renovators!

September 23rd, 2011

One of my daily reads highlighted my favorite nursery yesterday on her blog!  What a honor!  Thanks Jennifer…

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Magnetic Personality..

September 22nd, 2011

The end of my Kitchen cabinet is getting a bit of a makeover…when I’m finished it should have quite a magnetic personality! {okay- bad pun}



Per the directions I applied 3 thin coats, letting each dry completely in between applications.  After the final coat, I thought it would be smart to test drive its “magnetability” {is that a word?} before I painted it white again.  Good thing I did, cause the magnet that started at the top, slid right to the bottom.  Guess that means several more coats are needed.  Stay Tuned!

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Kitchen Makeover

Beach Week 2011

September 20th, 2011

That’s right, the vanEdwardscom families just returned from our 2nd annual beach week…

We had a packed house full of grandparents {Honey and CeCe}, great-grandmothers {Mamie}, Aunties and Uncles {Marty, Travers, Me and Mr, vB} and the 3 cutest grandsons ever {Travers IV, Gus, and of course vannyB}!  Oh, Boots and Bailey went too!

Our cottage was located in Duck, NC and was just perfect for a week’s getaway.  It was beach front with a fabulous pool and porches to relax on!

I tried to stay away from all technology- iPhone, laptop, TV, but couldn’t resist snapping a few photos.

Mamie and van



Before and After Mr. vB buried van’s arms in the sand…we all see how that turned out!

Honey and his boys

We had to put Big Travers in time out

van’s 1st chocolate donut!

It was a great week letting the boys play in the sand and surf and despite no photo evidence- the adults had a blast too!

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Oh the Places you’ll go!

September 16th, 2011

Have you guys been back over to Cheap & Chic Nurseries lately?

I saw another familiar nursery featured this week.

This one created by my good friends, Kathryn and Phil Purgason!

It’s pretty darn amazing if you ask me!

Phil drew the images on the wall by hand and then they both painstakingly painted in all the details!

For the full scoop- check out the link to Chic & Cheap Nursery here.

You guys did an awesome job!!  Congrats!

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9 Months!

September 6th, 2011

{yes- you are correct. By the time you are reading this, van is days away from being 10 months old.  I better get to recap’n his 9th month.}

stats: 23 lbs 14 ozs, 31″ long

milestones: 2 more teeth coming in makes a total of 6 now.  Has also been caught standing on his own.  Is in to everything and does not like it when he is told he cannot do something.  Definitely becoming more and more independent.

likes: crawling up stairs, bath time with dad, feeding himself, carrying around remote controls, putting EVERYTHING into his mouth, and cruising around the furniture

dislikes: diaper changes, being fed with a spoon, and when he is told he cannot play/do something- gets very upset!

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Baby vB