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10 Months!

September 26th, 2011

Here we are another month closer to the Big Day!  10 Months Down, 2 Months to go!

Mr. Butter-Bean, as I am affectionately calling him these days, has busy cruising along any and all vertical services at full speed. I even got to witness his first 2 steps last week! {and by the time this went to press several more steps have been had!} They were super wobbly, but steps none the less!

vanny is also chatting up a storm!  His newest word is “arf” and specifically says it after boots or bailey barks!  He also loves to say bye-bye and has started waving {at himself}.  We are working on that.

ButterBean also likes to “pat his momma” which melts my heart.  He loves to pat me on the back/shoulder with his left hand when I carry him around.

Last but not least, van started back to daycare last Thursday after being out for 5 weeks.  Our beloved daycare provider, Ms. Sutton, needed hip replacement surgery so Mr. vB and I had to “wing it” while she was out.  And let me tell you- THAT WAS STRESSFUL!! But I loved every extra minute with my boy!  Just look at this face…


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