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Birthday DIY’s

December 13th, 2011

As promised, I’m back with the details on the DIY’s for van’s birthday!

The first project I tackled was the highchair.  My plan was to find a “old school” wooden highchair via craigslist that I could spray paint.  A bit of stalking and I found this beauty for $10…

A can of spray paint later…


I love how it turned out!

Maybe now I’ll put it back on craigslist to sell for double!! {make momma some extra moolah!}

Next, I was all about making a balloon wreath.

It took one 16″ foam wreath, some floral pins, and about a gazillon balloons.

My thought was that I could hang this balloon wreath on the storm door the week of our birthdays. {Jan, April and Nov}

Cute, right?

Let’s see, what else.. oh yeah.. the Birthday Banner.

I printed up 11 monthly photos of vannyB to hang on the mantle using some clothespin’s.

Just a fun way to see how much the boy has changed and grown over the past year!

Lastly,  I made a pendant banner cake topper for van’s Smash Cake.

All it took was some fun scrapbook paper, baker’s twine, and 2 lollipop sticks!

Using a cardboard template, I cut out a bunch of diamonds.

and then folded them all in half.

Once I decided the layout, all I had to do was glue the sides together with the twine in between.

Since the smash cake was so small, I thought 2 rows of pendants would look better than 1 long one.  {it only took 3 tries for me to figure this out!}

And to keep it real, there was one project that never came to fruition.

It was to make a homemade cupcake stand.

courtesy of maryjanesandgaloshes.com

I’m still working on finishing it up as I think it would be cute to put on the kitchen counter!

So there you have it, my Birthday DIY’s!  Who’s ready to start planning for next year??

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  1. Tracy Melton
    December 14th, 2011 at 10:51 | #1

    Totty – ever since Justin showed me your blog, I love reading Boots & Totty :) —- just wanted to say – don’t sell yourself short on the red “old school” high chair. When my first nephew was born 5 yrs ago, The soon to be first grandma (my mom) and first time “blood” aunt (me) looked high and low and couldn’t find a new or used wooden “traditional” high chair for under $100…. of course, we were not as experienced as you in your search efforts, but still… I am thinking you could sell the red beauty for 4x original purchase at least ! :) ) — Tracy Melton

  2. Kathy Thomas
    December 14th, 2011 at 11:17 | #2

    Thanks for keeping it real with the undone project haha… Love it. Tell Vanny we miss him!

  3. Dr. Spice
    December 14th, 2011 at 14:13 | #3

    You are way too, too clever! See what that MBC education did for you?! That little fellow is adorable! You must bring him to town sometime.

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