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Door Drama

November 12th, 2012

So it has taken approximately 3.5 months, 6 tester paint pots, and 500 million paint swatches, but people, we have a new front door color!

Who knew it would be so hard to pick a freaking color!  {Not me, that’s for sure.} You all know I was ready to pull the trigger on that gorgeous turquoise color, then Mr. vB had to come along and shut that down..

Then I was all gung-ho about this cool navy color I picked…

But upon further inspection, it seemed to blend with the roof too much and I wanted a serious pop of color!

I got so frustrated that I was throwing anything at the door to see what would stick..seriously!

What a HOT mess..

Thankfully at this point the storm door was no longer attached to the front of the house, so no one could see the madness that was going on.

But I’m pleased to report that Mr. vB and I {finally} came to an agreement on a color and  I’m putting the final coats on the storm door as we speak.  Then I hope to get started painting the main door later this week.

Here’s a sneak peek!

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Front of the House Makeover, New House

Steals and Deals- My new coat{s}

November 3rd, 2012

Have y’all been to Sears lately?

Neither had I until I popped in today to return a Lands’ End Tote bag that I had ordered online.  Did you know that they have a full fledged Lands’ End Store in Sears.  No Lie!

Also, who knew Lands’ End had such stylish clothes this days?!

I walked away with this super cute Coat

Women’s Luxe Scoopneck Coat…. normally $249, but on sale in store for about $155!!

It comes in 5 super cute colors, but when push came to shove I picked “Juniper” Green.

I also snagged this simple Down Vest

Women’s Down Vest… normally $50, but again on sale in store for about $25.

When I went to check out, the saleswoman told me that if I spent $16 more dollars I would get an additional $60 dollars off.

Well thank you Miss Saleswoman- I accept your challenge.

And vannyB thanks you for his new hat!

Boys Northwest Passage Peruvian Hat.. yup on sale too…$16!

So my grand total for all 3 items was less that the sale price of the Green Coat by itself!

Awesome and Amazing!

Go check it out for yourself!  Now, go… what are you waiting for?

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Mrs.vB, Steal and Deal of the Week

A Roaring Good Time…

November 1st, 2012

Boo Y’all!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween.

This year was van’s first time actually getting out and walking the streets for candy and he LOVED it!

Momma and Daddy loved it too!

Both our mom’s were big into making our costumes when we were younger, so Mr.vB and I couldn’t resist doing the same for vannyB.

We took a brown polar fleece sweat-suit, some grosgrain ribbon, felt, scissors, iron on tape and a stapler and viola-

A Lion Costume.

2 people called him a Tiger and 1 person called him a Flower {gasp} but everyone else got the concept.

The little Boo! t-shirt was for him to wear to school until it was costume time!

Here he is so proud of his costume!

This is one of my favorite photos of the night.

Mr. vB and I are proud of our costume making ability…

Too bad we didn’t take that much effort with our own.

Oh well- there’s always next year!

When we got home that evening, this was all that was left of his Boo! shirt..

Too Funny!

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