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December 31st, 2012

Thanks to all my peeps out there that sent us Christmas cards…

I loved going to the mailbox everyday to find stacks of envelopes that weren’t bills or junk mail!!

I’ve seen tons of cute ways to display them on pinterest, but call me old fashion.  I just like to stick them in my card holder that’s hanging on the wall in my kitchen.

see any familiar faces?!

{hey there- lylah, sutton, luke, quin, battley cate, hayden, liam, henry, margaret, trav, gus, maddy, philip, lily, davis, graham, abbie, wade, holland, leah, edie, griffin, alice, sadie, judd, cooper, bobby, evie, peliah and heis}

Did everyone get our card in the mail?

Sorry- inside joke, as these vB’s didn’t get around to xmas cards this year.  Not sure why.  Maybe it’s the sky-rocketting cost of cards these days, or not finding the right photo?  Perhaps you’ll all find Valentine’s Day cards from us in your mailbox come February.  But don’t anyone hold their breath.. ha-ha.

I did want to share some cute family photos that we had taken a few weeks ago… Several were in the running for the “xmas card that never happened”.

And my favorite of them all…

Happy {and Safe} New Years Everyone!

xoxo the vB’s

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Home for the Holidays…

December 19th, 2012

Happy Holidays Ya’ll!

Per normal, I feel like they sneak up on me and then I am rushing to keep up.

So let’s see, since we last spoke my “baby” celebrated his 2nd birthday!

We also hung with the family down in Newport News for Turkey Day…

and vanny got to share some special time with his great grandmother- Mamie.

Now we are a week away from xmas and Momma “might have” bought herself an early xmas gift today.

I’ve been saving my hard earned pennies for an Upholstered Headboard for our master bed and today I pulled the trigger!  I used a 15% off coupon and then scored free shipping because it’s National Free Shipping Day {who knew}!  So my normally $540 headboard was only $400!!!

Here’s what my new beauty will look like…

Notched Headboard with Nailhead Trim…Home Decorators Collection

I’m also dreaming up some new pillow shams, bedside tables, and artwork.

And for fun, here’s the progression of the master bedroom to date..

Look what was hiding under that wall to wall carpet…

Bye-Bye blue trim…

Hello Ceiling Fan…

I’m actually kind of embarrassed to show how un-put together the master bedroom is.  The addition of the carpet helped a lot and I think the headboard will break up that large wall behind the bed.  Then with some small dressers on each side of the bed as bedside tables it hopefully will look an adult lives here and not a college student.

Will let you guys know once the headboard arrives. Now I’ve got to get busy preparing for the family that is arriving on Friday.  Mr. vB and I are hosting both his and my families for our first Christmas in the new house!

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