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Wipe Not Wash…

August 1st, 2013

Yes- I once owned a pair of pants that the care instructions on the tag said Wipe Not Wash.  I’m Dead Serious.

They were a lovely pair of pleather /plastic /who knows what kinda fabric pants from Goodwill that cost me about $7 and went quite nice with my side pony for the 80′s mixer that we were headed to.

I’m currently staring at the photo of that evening that I unearthed, but for everyone’s safety I’m not going to post it.  {you can thank me later Audrey and Kristi!!}

By the end of the night, the top layer of the pleather was cracked and peeling off so into the trash they went, never to be heard from again.

The point to my story?  I’m not sure, but when I was recently laminating the fabric for my breakfast nook chairs it made me think of those pants.  The care label for these could read Wipe not Wash too!

Here’s the breakdown.. my latest project has been in the works since before vannyB was born and is FINALLY finished.

Remember when I scored these great dining room chairs from my friend Sauce Elliott?

I had been wanting to recover the seat cushions since I brought them home, but then life got in the way and recovering the chairs got pushed to the bottom of the list.

But it didn’t take long to get settled in the new house before they were back at the top of my to-do list.

This time though, instead of using the chairs in the dining room, I planned on using them around the kitchen table my parents gave us when moved in.  This table is sentimental to me as it is the same table I grew up eating all my meals around as a child.

I’ve been waivering for months on what fabric to use to recover the seats knowing it needed to be durable. And most importantly – stain resistant.  A friend mentioned oil cloth fabric, but I could never find a pattern I liked. Then I read on pinterest about laminating your own fabric, esentially making it oil-cloth like and I was sold.

A few days later, I spotted this fun fabric and knew it was the one.

Happily I picked up 2 yards and was on my way.

Next stop was the local quilting shop were I picked up some Vinyl Laminate- Heat N Bond Iron on Vinyl, Gloss 24″ wide.

I was a bit nervous about laminating the fabric, but it was actually very easy.

Using the exisiting seat cushion fabric as a pattern, I cut four sections out of the new fabric.

Then I cut four sections out of the laminate.

I slowly peeled the laminate backing off and applied it to the cotton fabric.

{quick tip: Use a credit card to try to smooth out any bubbles that creep up!}

Then using an iron on medium heat, I covered the laminate with the backing I just peeled off, and went over the entire piece with the iron.  8 seconds each section.

Once done with the front, flip it over and iron the backside, 4 seconds each section.

And then Viola!  You have just created a laminated fabric!

It couldn’t have been easier.

Next step was to give the chairs a new coat of paint to make them pop!

Decisions, Decisions…

After hemming and hawing for several days I pulled the trigger on a Ben Moore color called Slate Teal. (I must have a thing for teal these days cause our front door is almost the same color!)

Off the chairs and the paint went to my Uncle Armistead’s house who so graciously told me he would paint them for me.

About 2 weeks later I got them back and couldn’t have been happier.

Last step was to staple the newly laminated fabric onto the seat cushions and then attach to the newly painted chairs…

Here’s the TOTAL finished product!

The laminated fabric is proving to be worth the effort as I easily wiped up spilled chocolate milk the other night off of one.  It was Heaven… ok maybe not heaven, but it did get me back to eating my dinner sooner than I expected!

Now that I finally finished this project I think I might start tackling new Cornice Boxes for the Living Room.  Stay Tuned!!

{P.S.  Catherine- I heard you chanting. Thanks for the pep talk!  In return I dedicate this post to you and Battley Cate!}

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  1. August 1st, 2013 at 19:05 | #1

    They look great!! Also, related–I kinda want a paint sprayer myself…Also, I really love that table!

  2. Kristi
    September 4th, 2013 at 20:13 | #2

    Love the chairs! Love you more for not posting our awesome photo. ;) Miss you much and love the little peeks into your home and stylish ideas. When are you coming to work on MY house?! Hope to see you soon!!
    Hugs to vannyB from the NNK!

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