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Productive Weekend Recap

September 19th, 2013

I’m not sure what was in our coffee last Saturday morning, but man, Mr. vB and I were seriously productive on some small DIY projects.

I should actually call it my “honey-to-do list”, most of which I mentioned in my previous post.

All together we got 5 projects completed!!

Here’s the breakdown:

1. First project was to take the Metal V that I had gotten for van’s room and create a cool light out of it.

It orgianlly housed a red neon tube but was going to cost $75 to make it compatible to plug into the wall.  Yikes- thankfully Mr. vB had the great idea to get a string of outdoor lights and drill holes into the V so we could poke the lights through.  That only cost us $12.

I also asked Mr. vB to break out the spray gun and spray paint the outside of the V to coordinate with his room. Am loving the finished product.

Now we just have to figure out how to hang it on the wall!

2. Next…

Since the spray gun was already locked and loaded, I asked Mr.vB if he would mind spray painting the 3 brass light fixtures in the downstairs and upstairs halls.

{I might have strategically planned for the color of the V and the light fixtures to be the same knowing that if we got the gun out to spray one, I could get him to spray them all!!}

I actually tried my hand at spraying one of the fixtures myself and it was super easy!

Am already thinking what else I can spray paint!

3. Also…

While Mr. vB was busy painting outside, I was inside finally finishing the paint job on the front door.  I believe it was last November when I orginally painted the front door, but you might not have noticed that I only painted the parts of the door that could be seen from the outside.  I’m going to say my excuse was because it was cold when I was painting and couldn’t leave the door open long enough for it to dry.  But let’s be real- I was just being SUPER lazy. And since Saturday was so pretty, I decided that I could finally paint the door properly and leave it open all day long.

I was even on such a painting roll that I decided to paint the back of the door as well.

In the old house I had painted the interior side of the front door black, but here I thought the peacock blue color would look better.

I’m 2 coats in, and I defintley need to go for a third.  Hopefully it won’t take another year to accomplish that!

4. Then..

When we went to get the string lights, I also picked up a set of L brackets at Lowe’s and was able to hang the Cornice boxes in the Living room.  Am loving having them back up.

Now I’m working on a set of drapes for the back window in a coordinating fabric.  Then I’m hoping to tie it all together with pillows on the sofa.

5. Last but not least…

I tackled adding a little extra touch to the exisiting light fixture in my bathroom.  I had read on Little Green Notebook about how she had used some nail polish and painters tape to create cute little stripes on the frosted globes on her laundry room light fixture.  Thought it couldn’t be too hard to recreate.

It indeed was super easy and took about 30 mins max to do.  BUT, I don’t like the color I picked. Bummer. But I’m thinking I can just paint over it with another color?!  Certainly can’t be a light color, but maybe a turquoise?   Will keep you updated with that outcome.

There you have it- told you we were productive!

Now I’m working on finishing some recaps of how I reworked the cornice boxes and my progress on the Mantle Piece turned Headboard.  I also need to give you guys the tour of the new garage.  Talk to you soon!

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