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Home for the Holidays…

December 19th, 2012

Happy Holidays Ya’ll!

Per normal, I feel like they sneak up on me and then I am rushing to keep up.

So let’s see, since we last spoke my “baby” celebrated his 2nd birthday!

We also hung with the family down in Newport News for Turkey Day…

and vanny got to share some special time with his great grandmother- Mamie.

Now we are a week away from xmas and Momma “might have” bought herself an early xmas gift today.

I’ve been saving my hard earned pennies for an Upholstered Headboard for our master bed and today I pulled the trigger!  I used a 15% off coupon and then scored free shipping because it’s National Free Shipping Day {who knew}!  So my normally $540 headboard was only $400!!!

Here’s what my new beauty will look like…

Notched Headboard with Nailhead Trim…Home Decorators Collection

I’m also dreaming up some new pillow shams, bedside tables, and artwork.

And for fun, here’s the progression of the master bedroom to date..

Look what was hiding under that wall to wall carpet…

Bye-Bye blue trim…

Hello Ceiling Fan…

I’m actually kind of embarrassed to show how un-put together the master bedroom is.  The addition of the carpet helped a lot and I think the headboard will break up that large wall behind the bed.  Then with some small dressers on each side of the bed as bedside tables it hopefully will look an adult lives here and not a college student.

Will let you guys know once the headboard arrives. Now I’ve got to get busy preparing for the family that is arriving on Friday.  Mr. vB and I are hosting both his and my families for our first Christmas in the new house!

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Packing- who me?

June 24th, 2012

I think, correction, I know that I am in some what of denial that we are moving in 3 weeks.

Denial in the sense that I have to pack.

Do packing fairies not exist?

This is what we’ve have been doing instead…

Way funner than packing if you ask me!

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June 10th, 2012

Thanks to everyone for all the kind comments about our {current} House.  We sure are gonna miss this place as it holds so many treasured memories.   Mr. vB and I had our first date in the dining room of this house.  Mr. vB also asked me to marry him in the living room of this house.  We came home as a married couple to this house. And we also came home as parents to this house. I keep telling myself that these memories will stay with us no matter where we live.  It’s time for the young couple that bought the house to make their own here.

Enough nostalgia- on to talking about our new place!

I’ve already started day dreaming about projects for the new house. Paint, Furniture, DEMO, etc!!  {totally not kidding on the demo- thought I would need a break from finishing up this place, but I’ pretty sure there will be some demo going on in the first month!}

I hit up one of my new favorite stores this week called Class and Trash.  It’s very true to its name.  Lots of cool old furniture and random things all mixed together.  I was short on time so had to peruse quick, but look what I found!

An old aluminum neon letter from a storefront.  It was missing the plastic cover, but I didn’t care.  How cute would this be in vannyB’s big boy room??

I took it to a local Neon shop yesterday called Uptown Neon.  Totally cool place.  The kind gentleman that owned the shop told me all about my letter and said that it was in great condition.  He even got the Neon to light up for me and it is a BRIGHT shade of red!  My plan in to spray paint the aluminium section of the letter a fun color and then have the guy attach a power source so I can plug the letter into the wall to light up!  The Coolest Night Light EVER is what I am imagining!!  I left the neon tubing with the guy so he could clean it up abit, and the plan is to go back in a week or so to have it all put back together!

Now the hard part- what should I paint the Letter??  I was thinking peacock blue or moss green but didn’t want it to look too patriotic or too christmasy..  Gotta think on this one.

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Baby vB

The Goose is Loose

April 16th, 2012

This weekend vannyB and ventured into Carytown for a little shoe shopping.

Our destination was Franklin Goose.

I’ve become a big fan of Livie & Luca kids shoes and I found that “The Goose” carried a wide selection!

vanny was in love at first site {with the train table}

And I was in love with the selection!!

Just look at all those cute shoes!!

It was hard to decide but I finally narrowed it down to the Roan {blue} and the Boa {green}.

Here van is modeling the Boa Style..

and here the Roan style..

I thought both were super cute, but I liked the fact that his toes-eis were more protected in the Roan Style.

So while shoe shopping I might have also peeked through their awesome selection of organic clothing and wooden toys.  I showed restraint though and only left with the shoes.

But I’ll be back Goose.. I’ll be back!

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Baby vB

The Easter Bunny!

April 8th, 2012

The Easter Bunny paid vannyB a little visit this morning..

I could barely set it down in front of him before he had ripped the matchbox cars out of the basket.

They are kinda his thing right now.

After breakfast he spent about 20 minutes lining them all up and giggled over and over..

Then later in the afternoon, we hit the Richmond Easter Parade on Monument Avenue.

Both van and his cuz, Gus, were sporting their Easter Outfits that their grandmother Cece made.

I think people thought they were twins.  Such cuties!

What a fun day in the RVA!

Happy Easter Everybody!

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Things That Make Me Happy

March 30th, 2012

Definitely this Guy..

And His Daddy Too…


And Those…

Happy Friday!

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Valentine’s Day Wrap Up

February 15th, 2012

Happy Belated Valentine’s Everyone!

We had a great Valentine’s Day at the vB household.

vanny made some fun valentine’s for his school friends…

Super-pops courtesy of pinterest and zakkalife.  They were a hit!

We also made everyone heart shaped rice krispee treats!

And for the grandparents we made “hugs”

The hands were originally suppose to painted hand-prints, but vanny was not cooperative with that, so we went with cut outs instead.  A little bakers twine taped to the back of both and viola- a hug!

So after a full day of celebrating- vannyB came down with a fever.  102.9 to be exact.  He was well enough to eat one of his rice krispee treats- but then it was straight to bed!

We headed to the Pediatrician this morning ironically for his 15 month well visit and am happy to report no flu or strep.  But he continued with the high fever all day.

Hopefully tomorrow my little poodle will feel better!  I love the extra snuggles but I know he just doesn’t feel good.

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Why you should label paint cans

February 6th, 2012

Exhibit A

In my haste Friday night, I grabbed a paint can that I “was sure” was the kitchen wall color.  It wasn’t labeled but looked pretty darn close to the same color.

Guess what- it wasn’t.


Thankfully it was only one wall.  And now both paint cans are properly labeled. {Kitchen Walls and Not Kitchen Walls aka Bathroom}

I’m also happy to report that we fixed our “little tile issue” in the pantry room (more on that later), and got the floor grouted.

We are also training van to drink out of the dog bowls.. it will cut down on washing dishes…

I kid, I kid.  He totally took it upon himself, no training needed.

Happy Monday!

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The Month in Review

January 28th, 2012

Shesh…Is January really almost over?

I know I’ve been MIA all month.  We’ve been really busy working, playing, traveling, planning DIY projects, and most importantly having FUN.  Next month I’ll be better.  I promise!

So I thought I would recap the month for you in photos.. Enjoy!

{was hoping to talk my mom into making this for vanny}

{Looking more and more like his momma every day!}

{what looks better?- white or red}


Told ya we had fun!

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Baby vB

Happy 2012!

January 2nd, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!

I’ve been lucky enough to have the past 8 days off to enjoy family, food, and hanging with my little dude and his daddy 24/7.

I’ve loved EVERY second, but alas it is coming to an end.  Thought I would try to sneak in a quick recap of the Holidays before things get crazy again.

Let’s start with all the playing we did…

van made out like a bandit with Santa.  Apparently he was a VERY good boy this year!

He got a kitchen, a shopping cart, a rocket, some books, and a cute stool with his name on it.  And that doesn’t include what he generous grandparent’s and aunties/uncles/cousins gave him!

We also said “see you soon” to van’s Day-Care provider.  {Now that he has turned 1, it is time to move on to another day school as Ms. Sutton only watches infants.} Thankfully she still babysits after hours, so Mr. vB and I might have snuck in a date during my week off.

{disclaimer- I love this woman.  She is like van’s 3rd grandmother.  Who knew I would get so attached??}

Somebody also got his first hair cut!

Here he is pre-cut..

He was a trooper during the trim process.  No tears and minimum squirming!

Thanks Jay {at Wyldology}!

Lastly we have fit in a lot of time being outside in this amazing un-December like weather. {for those readers that don’t live in Virginia, we have had several 65 degree days lately!}

“look ma- both hands!”

Now on to some new recipes we made…

For Christmas Breakfast with my family I was in charge of a yummy treat.

This receipe for sticky pecan rolls has been ALL OVER pinterest lately, so I thought I would give it a shot.

Photo courtesy of Nicole at The Jones Way

OMG! They are SOSOSO easy to make and SOSOSO good!

My little sous chef even got in on the fun of making it!

I highly recommend trying it out for yourself!

And then last night I tried my hand at making fried chic peas.

I have had them several times at a local wine bar in town and the waiter told us it was just chic peas, with a little panko crumb and salt.  I thought how hard could that be?

Well, it wasn’t hard and I ate them so fast I didn’t get a photo.  OOPS.

I searched the world wide web for a good receipe and none that I saw mentioned panko crumbs.  I took libertys with this specific recipe and kinda made it my own.  Even van liked them- {but he likes almost everything so that’s not saying a lot!}

I used them as a side for the main course of greek chicken pitas, but they would also make a great appetizer or snack!  Definitely another easy, must try recipe!

Finally, being stuck at home time twice a day for naptime might have lead to some furniture rearrangement.. {blame van, not me}

The Goodwill Gold Velvet chair has moved out of the living room to make room for the mini kitchen

Not my favorite location, but what else you gonna do in a small house?

I have thought about moving it to the back room, but the tile work that we started 4 months ago is still not complete.  So maybe one day that room can become the make shift playroom.  Maybe.

I also moved that big {5 shelf} bookcase out of the the hallway, orginally thinking the mini kitchen would go there.  I’m kinda digging it empty though.

I think it would be cool to do a picture wall on that left side with a variety of black frames and stuff.

Something similar to what the gang over at younghouselove did.

photo courtesy of

You might have also noticed that I moved some of the rugs around.

{who am I kidding- no one noticed but me!}

Sorry about the bad lighting, but the sisal with black band use to be in the hallway and the oriental that is currently under the sofa was by the front door.

Here it is from the other direction.

Eeh, I’m not sold on the switch-a-roo, but am too lazy right now to put them all back to where they were originally!  So for now they stay put! ha-ha

Perfect Timing.. the wee one is starting to stir from his nap, so time to wrap this up!  I hope everyone had a safe and happy Holiday and here’s to a great 2012!  I’m hoping to debute a new look for b& in the next couple of weeks.  I’m serious this time!  I’m working with a designer friend to get the new look I want and then my web-developing hubby is going to make it work.  I also hope to update you soon on some new projects we are undertaking in the new year.  They include but are not limited to drywalling the ceiling in the basement, tiling the downstairs half bath, and MOVING!!!

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