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Mountain Gray, Tightrope or Ashen

April 11th, 2012

There’s about to be some serious painting going on in this hiz-ouse starting tomorrow. Just saying…

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Basement Makeover

What a great day!

April 16th, 2010

From start to finish my birthday was great!  And my laundry room is getting closer and closer to being done!

Here’s another sneak peak…

Plus I also had to show you the birthday cake Mr. vB made me.

A true Krispee Kreme Delight Cake!  Miss Maddy helped me to blow out the candles.

And then the sugar high insued.

Good thing Uncle DD doubles as a jungle gym!

Thanks to all my family and friends that made it such a great day! xoxo

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Basement Makeover, Birthday, Laundry Room Makeover

It’s My Birthday {well almost..}

April 13th, 2010

In about 4 hours I will be a year closer to my mid-thirties! YIKES!! To make me feel better Mr. vB has started on a birthday renovation project for me! YEAH!!

{here is the back story}

The only room in our house that has not been touched since we moved in is our Laundry Room.  It is located down in the basement off of the main living area.  I have always kept it hidden from the camera’s view as it was a bit scary!  We upgraded our washer and dryer to front loading units about 2 years ago, but never upgraded the room surrounding them.  It was inevitable that every time I went to switch the clean clothes from the washing machine to the dryer, something would fall on the dirty concrete floor and have to be rewashed.  It was SO annoying!!  I was constantly begging Mr. vB to add this room to the To-Do list.  I got so desperate that I finally said a finished Laundry Room is ALL I want for my birthday!

Apparently I got my point across because when I got home from work today, there was an odd smell coming from the basement.  When I yelled down to Mr. vB as to what it was, he yelled back,”Dunno?!”  I could tell from his voice that he was clearly lying.  I then went around and opened all the windows on the first floor.  When I got to the window that overlooked the back yard, I knew immediately what he was up too!  All the junk that has been crammed into the laundry room was now in the back yard.

About 30 minutes later Mr. vB emerged from the basement and asked me if I would like to see my {early} birthday present.  He had spent the afternoon clearing out the laundry room, sweeping, spraying for spiders, water proofing the cement floor {the stinky smell}, and installing a new sliding window.

Tomorrow he wants to paint the floor, paint the walls, install more shelving, and put the wood trim around the exterior door and new window!  Did I mention that I love my husband??  {And a great renovation project that happens without me lifting a finger?!?}

Check back for the finished product! Doing laundry will never be the same again!

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Basement Makeover, Birthday, Home Improvement, Laundry Room Makeover, Mr.vB

The Basement Breakdown- Part I

January 9th, 2010

Sounds like a dance move doesn’t it??

Anyways, here’s the breakdown on the basement floor project Mr. vB and I completed last weekend.

First we decided to split the room in half and tackle each side one at a time. We started at the back of the basement and everything that was located on that side got moved to the opposite end. (Make sense? This photo is obviously out of order, but I was trying to illustrate how we had to pack everything to one side of the room. See the pile of stuff hiding behind Mr.vB and the vacuum?)

Next we pulled up all the carpet tile in that area and prepped it for the resin waterproof sealer by vacuuming and sweeping.

Then we slapped on some coats of the resin with a simple paint roller.

Each coat of resin took about 2 hours to dry, and we wanted to apply at least 2 coats, so we timed it just right.  Each night at 8pm and then 10pm we applied the resin.  That way by the next morning it would be nice and dry!

Now the fun part- laying the floor panels.  We picked up an inexpensive laminate floor at Lowe’s as well as a vapor barrier to lay between the cement floor and the laminate panels.  We chose a laminate floor for two reasons.  One was that our budget was super tight and two because we knew it would be super easy to install.  We definitely wanted to go with a floating floor vs one you had to nail/glue down, as our cement floor was not exactly level.  Once we got the hang of locking each plank into place it was SUPER easy.  Mr vB was in charge of making the needed cuts with the Table Saw and I was in charge of laying down the strips of vapor barrier.

The hardest part was making sure we laid it in a straight line!  That’s why we started at the corner of the new wall that Mr. vB had just built.

And of course Boots had to get in on the action.

That’s it for the first side!

Mr. vB and I had just enough energy left to move everything back to this side of the room and repeat the resin process on the other half of the floor before we called it quits for the night.

The next morning we were off and running again!

Bailey came down once or twice to see what the noise was all about.

Here Mr. vB is installing the last plank! YEAH!



See- that wasn’t so hard was it? {ha-ha}

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Basement Makeover, Home Improvement

Starting the New Year off on the Right Foot

January 4th, 2010

Mr. vB and I rang in the New Year with our good buddies, the Bashams, down in Raleigh. {You can check out Joettte’s own blog here.} Prior to us leaving town, you might remember me mentioning that Mr.vB had been on vacation and he was up to some renovations in the basement.

His allergies have been going haywire lately and we thought it might have something to do with him spending so much time down in the unfinished basement. {His office and music studio are down there.}  We originally used carpet tiles to hide the ugly cement floor because we could get them all for FREE!  4 years later, the tiles have accumulated tons of dust and pet hair, but more importantly condensation is starting to collect underneath them. It’s not their fault {the carpet tiles}, it’s ours, as we apparently did not seal the concrete floor properly the first time!  I had a mold and moisture guy stop in a few weeks ago and luckily we had no mold, but he did recommend removing the tiles and resealing the floor with a resin based product.  We also thought this would be a good time to ditch the carpet tiles and see if it helped Mr. vB’s allergies.

So last week our Basement looked a little something like this.. {I’m totally embarrassed showing this to you guys.  Our Basement had turned into a total catastrophe!!}

As of last night it looked like this..

Pretty Amazing Transformation, eh?

I am currently working on a post with the full step by step details on how we accomplished it all.

Our next step down here will be to drywall the ceiling and the remaining cinder-block walls.  But that will be after we finish dealing with the floors upstairs.  Remember me mentioning that little project too?  Our entire first floor is about to get a little face lift of it’s own!!

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Basement Makeover, Mr.vB, Mrs.vB

My Husband is on Vacation… Can you tell?

December 29th, 2009

I can..

Our Kitchen Floor is halfway ripped up…

and our Basement is under construction (again)…

But these are good things- I think.

Mr. vB started pulling up the kitchen floor late Monday evening.  The good news is that we discovered hardwood floors hiding under that horrible tile.  They definitely look rough now, but after some sanding and stain, they should be beautiful!

And as far as the basement goes, we finally have a plan to make it a finished space.  The picture above is the framing around the furnace and hot water heater.  We are also enclosing Mr. vB’s office area in a really neat way!  Pictures to follow soon- Stay Tuned!

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Basement Makeover, Home Improvement, Kitchen Makeover, Mr.vB