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Catching up…

February 9th, 2013

Hello Blogging World!

I’m not going to make excuses for where I’ve been, no one wants to hear it.

Instead I’m going to show you what I’ve been busy doing…

yup- finally painted “most” of the interior front door.

It was too cold to keep the door open while the paint dried, so I just painted the interior panels.

can’t tell from the street, can you??

Now on to the Nursery…

I’ve been going back and forth about painting stripes, so I finally pulled the trigger and just painted one of the walls.

Still debating on if I should paint stripes on an adjacent wall.  Gonna keep you guys guessing a little longer on this one before I do a full preview.

Moving on…

The Headboard Arrived!

Totally loving it, but still trying to decide the pillow layout.  The 2 smaller ones in the front were scores I found at Homegoods for $15 each.  I thought they were a steal for a down pillow insert.  I plan on recovering them with this trellis fabric.

And then maybe get some white shams with a cool monogram???

{source unknown}

More on that progress later as well.

Now on to my most favorite project…

Words cannot express how much I love this little dude.

Lastly, I’ll  leave you with a photo of my fun new flats that I picked up from Steinmart.

Now we are offically caught up with my life.  How are things with you?

ps. Stay in touch with my on a daily basis on instagram- tottyvb

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Bedroom Makeover, Nursery

Mini Makeover- Master Bedroom- Sneak Peek

July 28th, 2011

So you know how us vB’s like to start projects, but never really finish them? {ehm..Mr.vB?!}

Enter the Master Bedroom.

We created this awesome paneling as our headboard about a year and half ago, and it still has yet to receive its final coat of paint.

I’ve been meaning to get to that for about a year and a half now.. ha-ha.

So I’ve finally gotten the much needed kick in the pants to get it done, plus I’m working on some new artwork for either side of the bed and changing up the pillows a bit.

Here’s where the inspirations came from…

Grace Happens.

Image via. Grace Happens

I immediately fell in love with the bolster idea.

A Word from the Worthington’s.

Image via. Word from the Worthington’s

I’ve always loved how my friend and neighbor Anne created this cool artwork out of a calendar.

So with inspiration in my sails I set out to find

{1.} fabric for the bolster pillow and {2.} a book/calendar to make into artwork.

And let me tell you, it didn’t take me long.

Here’s a sneak peak at both…

So now all that is left to do is have the bolster made and find frames for the artwork.

Oh and yeah, PAINT!  Stay Tuned!

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Bedroom Makeover, Home Improvement

Now you see it and now you don’t…

December 3rd, 2009

Have I ever shown you guys the storage areas above the guest room closets?  They are a bit random, but I am not one to turn down extra storage space. (especially in a Fan House that has about zero storage..)

Here is a REALLY BAD before photo of the closets when I had just moved in with Mr.vB.

DSC01134-1See the open cubbies above both closets?

I had left them open because I always envisioned doing something cool with shutters to close them off. But yeah, that never happened.  Instead, my mums had a great idea to just buy a sheet the same color as the newly painted turquoise walls and make curtains!

Bravo Mums- what a simple and easy solution!

So we found a flat sheet at Kmart that was almost the exact color of the walls.  We also picked up 2 tension rods to hang the fabric from.  Then we whipped out the sewing machine, cut the sheet in half, and sewed a pocket at the top of each sheet for the rod to fit through.  All that was left to do was thread the rod through the pocket and voila!


I didn’t even hem the bottom half because I figured I could just tuck it under itself and you would never know! {A little lazy- YES, but a time saver}


Here is the finished product.


Now you almost don’t even know the cubbies are there.  I like how the fabric matches the walls so perfectly.


And here is the sneak peek of all my xmas decorations hiding behind the curtain.  I am going to get Mr. vB to help me get it all down tonight so we can start decorating!!!


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Bedroom Makeover, Home Improvement

So Much to Say!

November 3rd, 2009

What a whirlwind 3 weeks I just had!!  I was traveling for work, traveling for play, entertaining guests, and fitting in home projects and I am whooped.  But I’ve got so much to say and catch you up on!  Hope you can stick with me to the end of this post. I have a feeling it might be a long one!

-The Master Bedroom-

Mr. vB got to work putting the paneling up in our bedroom and it looks AWESOME!! {Remember I mentioned it here.} What a transformation it has made to the room!!  Of course we still need to finish priming and painting it, but dang it looks good!  Here it is start to finish!









Did I mention that Mr. vB broke BOTH lamps while he was installing the paneling?  I had been looking for an excuse to get new ones, so I wasn’t too peeved. But don’t tell him that! {ha-ha}

Here is the after shot with the broken lamps… (they are both seriously crooked)


And here is the after shot with the new lamps I picked up at Ikea last week..


-The Guest Room-

I have also been inspired to do a bit of work in the guest room!

I’m envisioning a new headboard, new window treatments, and new bedding.  Sounds like a lot I know- but I’m going to try to do it all for under $250 bucks!  {So far so good!} I want to do the big reveal once it’s all finished, so until then I’m only going to give you sneak peek photos.  Hopefully it will all be done soon!

For the windows- Little Green Notebook posted this awesome tutorial on Pelmet Boxes. {I’ve always heard them referred to as Cornice boxes, but I assume they are the same thing}.  The Tutorial was quite easy and I had the first one done in about 1 hour.  The hardest part was getting the fabric wrapped around the curved edges.  So hard in-fact, that I had to modify my design mid project.

Here is my version of the tutorial in photos.. {let me know if you have questions}






DSC_0300And here it is hanging on the window…


And here are some teaser’s of the finished product…



Total Spent: $15 for materials and $40 for fabric.

For the bedding- I’m inspired to do all white.  Crazy I know, especially with 2 black dogs, but I figure bleach can become my new BFF.  I’m planning on still using the existing bed-skirt and shams, but I want to switch up the other pillows and coverlet.


Total spent: $100

For the headboard- My brother is giving me an old headboard they aren’t using anymore.  I am first going to try to paint it and if that doesn’t work I am going to staple fabric to it.


Total spent: $7 paint

Shew.. hope you are still with me. I know that was a lot of info but I warned you at the beginning, I had a lot to say!  Both Mr. vB and I will be in town this weekend, and I am hoping to get a few more things checked off the to do list.  Guess I might need to make sure Mr. vB is on board!!

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Bedroom Makeover, Home Improvement