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Christmas Countdown…

December 7th, 2009

Growing up, we counted down the days to xmas with a great felt advent calendar.  It was shaped like an Christmas tree and had 24 “ornaments” to hang on the tree as each day passed.  My mom likes to tell the story of how every year I would entertain myself for hours standing in front of the tree rearranging and organizing all the ornaments.  {it was my A+ Personality already starting to shine at such an early age} My memories are of fighting my brother over which ornament we wanted to hang.  We had to take turns, every other day, of choosing and hanging an ornament and it was pure torture.

As I got older, the arguing over the ornaments got less and less.  But the excitement of getting the advent calendar out every Dec 1st never faded.  My mom had passed the calendar on to me a few years ago, and then I passed it on to my brother for them to start the same traditions with the Baby Bird.  It was hard to give it up, but my mom promised that she was going to make a second one for me and Mr.vB.

Well unfortunately my mom had just gotten the advent calendar back from my brother and had placed it in the spare bedroom at her house for safe keeping, when the house fire happened.  Along with all the things my parents lost that day was my beloved advent calendar.

It took my mom and I several days to remember all the 24 ornaments that adorned the original calendar, but we did it.  It’s amazing how you can look at something for so many years and then have such a hard time remembering everything about it.

So along with working on rebuilding her house, my mom put in time remaking the advent calendar.  Two in fact, one for me and one for my brother.  She ended up purchasing pre-made advent calendars very similar to our original one, and is currently using the ornaments.  But she hand made the felt tree and backdrop for the ornaments to hang on.  The plan for 2010 is to hand-make the ornaments as well.

Here is my NEW Advent Calendar.


Isn’t it cute??  See why I was so upset when we lost the old one?


Some of the pre-made ornaments are cute, like the gingerbread man, but some have got to go.  The original calendar had a Santa Claus ornament that was always last to be hung on Christmas Eve.   My mom agrees that the Santa is the first ornament that we need to hand make!


Thanks Mums.. I love it!

Also wanted to show you guys how big my paper-whites have gotten.  Plus tease you abit with my xmas decorations.


That mirror normally hangs over the mantle, but has been relocated for the holiday season.  No worries though-it won’t be sitting crooked on the console table for 30 days.  Mr. vB and I want to add some picture molding to that section of the wall so it can be properly hung.

We still haven’t picked out our tree yet- that is on the to-do list for this week!  Hopefully by this weekend we will have everything up and decorated! I can’t wait.  Did I mention yet that I love Christmas?!?  ha-ha

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