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Productive Weekend Recap

September 19th, 2013

I’m not sure what was in our coffee last Saturday morning, but man, Mr. vB and I were seriously productive on some small DIY projects.

I should actually call it my “honey-to-do list”, most of which I mentioned in my previous post.

All together we got 5 projects completed!!

Here’s the breakdown:

1. First project was to take the Metal V that I had gotten for van’s room and create a cool light out of it.

It orgianlly housed a red neon tube but was going to cost $75 to make it compatible to plug into the wall.  Yikes- thankfully Mr. vB had the great idea to get a string of outdoor lights and drill holes into the V so we could poke the lights through.  That only cost us $12.

I also asked Mr. vB to break out the spray gun and spray paint the outside of the V to coordinate with his room. Am loving the finished product.

Now we just have to figure out how to hang it on the wall!

2. Next…

Since the spray gun was already locked and loaded, I asked Mr.vB if he would mind spray painting the 3 brass light fixtures in the downstairs and upstairs halls.

{I might have strategically planned for the color of the V and the light fixtures to be the same knowing that if we got the gun out to spray one, I could get him to spray them all!!}

I actually tried my hand at spraying one of the fixtures myself and it was super easy!

Am already thinking what else I can spray paint!

3. Also…

While Mr. vB was busy painting outside, I was inside finally finishing the paint job on the front door.  I believe it was last November when I orginally painted the front door, but you might not have noticed that I only painted the parts of the door that could be seen from the outside.  I’m going to say my excuse was because it was cold when I was painting and couldn’t leave the door open long enough for it to dry.  But let’s be real- I was just being SUPER lazy. And since Saturday was so pretty, I decided that I could finally paint the door properly and leave it open all day long.

I was even on such a painting roll that I decided to paint the back of the door as well.

In the old house I had painted the interior side of the front door black, but here I thought the peacock blue color would look better.

I’m 2 coats in, and I defintley need to go for a third.  Hopefully it won’t take another year to accomplish that!

4. Then..

When we went to get the string lights, I also picked up a set of L brackets at Lowe’s and was able to hang the Cornice boxes in the Living room.  Am loving having them back up.

Now I’m working on a set of drapes for the back window in a coordinating fabric.  Then I’m hoping to tie it all together with pillows on the sofa.

5. Last but not least…

I tackled adding a little extra touch to the exisiting light fixture in my bathroom.  I had read on Little Green Notebook about how she had used some nail polish and painters tape to create cute little stripes on the frosted globes on her laundry room light fixture.  Thought it couldn’t be too hard to recreate.

It indeed was super easy and took about 30 mins max to do.  BUT, I don’t like the color I picked. Bummer. But I’m thinking I can just paint over it with another color?!  Certainly can’t be a light color, but maybe a turquoise?   Will keep you updated with that outcome.

There you have it- told you we were productive!

Now I’m working on finishing some recaps of how I reworked the cornice boxes and my progress on the Mantle Piece turned Headboard.  I also need to give you guys the tour of the new garage.  Talk to you soon!

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Wipe Not Wash…

August 1st, 2013

Yes- I once owned a pair of pants that the care instructions on the tag said Wipe Not Wash.  I’m Dead Serious.

They were a lovely pair of pleather /plastic /who knows what kinda fabric pants from Goodwill that cost me about $7 and went quite nice with my side pony for the 80′s mixer that we were headed to.

I’m currently staring at the photo of that evening that I unearthed, but for everyone’s safety I’m not going to post it.  {you can thank me later Audrey and Kristi!!}

By the end of the night, the top layer of the pleather was cracked and peeling off so into the trash they went, never to be heard from again.

The point to my story?  I’m not sure, but when I was recently laminating the fabric for my breakfast nook chairs it made me think of those pants.  The care label for these could read Wipe not Wash too!

Here’s the breakdown.. my latest project has been in the works since before vannyB was born and is FINALLY finished.

Remember when I scored these great dining room chairs from my friend Sauce Elliott?

I had been wanting to recover the seat cushions since I brought them home, but then life got in the way and recovering the chairs got pushed to the bottom of the list.

But it didn’t take long to get settled in the new house before they were back at the top of my to-do list.

This time though, instead of using the chairs in the dining room, I planned on using them around the kitchen table my parents gave us when moved in.  This table is sentimental to me as it is the same table I grew up eating all my meals around as a child.

I’ve been waivering for months on what fabric to use to recover the seats knowing it needed to be durable. And most importantly – stain resistant.  A friend mentioned oil cloth fabric, but I could never find a pattern I liked. Then I read on pinterest about laminating your own fabric, esentially making it oil-cloth like and I was sold.

A few days later, I spotted this fun fabric and knew it was the one.

Happily I picked up 2 yards and was on my way.

Next stop was the local quilting shop were I picked up some Vinyl Laminate- Heat N Bond Iron on Vinyl, Gloss 24″ wide.

I was a bit nervous about laminating the fabric, but it was actually very easy.

Using the exisiting seat cushion fabric as a pattern, I cut four sections out of the new fabric.

Then I cut four sections out of the laminate.

I slowly peeled the laminate backing off and applied it to the cotton fabric.

{quick tip: Use a credit card to try to smooth out any bubbles that creep up!}

Then using an iron on medium heat, I covered the laminate with the backing I just peeled off, and went over the entire piece with the iron.  8 seconds each section.

Once done with the front, flip it over and iron the backside, 4 seconds each section.

And then Viola!  You have just created a laminated fabric!

It couldn’t have been easier.

Next step was to give the chairs a new coat of paint to make them pop!

Decisions, Decisions…

After hemming and hawing for several days I pulled the trigger on a Ben Moore color called Slate Teal. (I must have a thing for teal these days cause our front door is almost the same color!)

Off the chairs and the paint went to my Uncle Armistead’s house who so graciously told me he would paint them for me.

About 2 weeks later I got them back and couldn’t have been happier.

Last step was to staple the newly laminated fabric onto the seat cushions and then attach to the newly painted chairs…

Here’s the TOTAL finished product!

The laminated fabric is proving to be worth the effort as I easily wiped up spilled chocolate milk the other night off of one.  It was Heaven… ok maybe not heaven, but it did get me back to eating my dinner sooner than I expected!

Now that I finally finished this project I think I might start tackling new Cornice Boxes for the Living Room.  Stay Tuned!!

{P.S.  Catherine- I heard you chanting. Thanks for the pep talk!  In return I dedicate this post to you and Battley Cate!}

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Why you should label paint cans

February 6th, 2012

Exhibit A

In my haste Friday night, I grabbed a paint can that I “was sure” was the kitchen wall color.  It wasn’t labeled but looked pretty darn close to the same color.

Guess what- it wasn’t.


Thankfully it was only one wall.  And now both paint cans are properly labeled. {Kitchen Walls and Not Kitchen Walls aka Bathroom}

I’m also happy to report that we fixed our “little tile issue” in the pantry room (more on that later), and got the floor grouted.

We are also training van to drink out of the dog bowls.. it will cut down on washing dishes…

I kid, I kid.  He totally took it upon himself, no training needed.

Happy Monday!

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Baby vB, DIY's, Pantry Room Makeover

Birthday DIY’s

December 13th, 2011

As promised, I’m back with the details on the DIY’s for van’s birthday!

The first project I tackled was the highchair.  My plan was to find a “old school” wooden highchair via craigslist that I could spray paint.  A bit of stalking and I found this beauty for $10…

A can of spray paint later…


I love how it turned out!

Maybe now I’ll put it back on craigslist to sell for double!! {make momma some extra moolah!}

Next, I was all about making a balloon wreath.

It took one 16″ foam wreath, some floral pins, and about a gazillon balloons.

My thought was that I could hang this balloon wreath on the storm door the week of our birthdays. {Jan, April and Nov}

Cute, right?

Let’s see, what else.. oh yeah.. the Birthday Banner.

I printed up 11 monthly photos of vannyB to hang on the mantle using some clothespin’s.

Just a fun way to see how much the boy has changed and grown over the past year!

Lastly,  I made a pendant banner cake topper for van’s Smash Cake.

All it took was some fun scrapbook paper, baker’s twine, and 2 lollipop sticks!

Using a cardboard template, I cut out a bunch of diamonds.

and then folded them all in half.

Once I decided the layout, all I had to do was glue the sides together with the twine in between.

Since the smash cake was so small, I thought 2 rows of pendants would look better than 1 long one.  {it only took 3 tries for me to figure this out!}

And to keep it real, there was one project that never came to fruition.

It was to make a homemade cupcake stand.

courtesy of

I’m still working on finishing it up as I think it would be cute to put on the kitchen counter!

So there you have it, my Birthday DIY’s!  Who’s ready to start planning for next year??

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Birthday, DIY's