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Magnetic Personality..

September 22nd, 2011

The end of my Kitchen cabinet is getting a bit of a makeover…when I’m finished it should have quite a magnetic personality! {okay- bad pun}



Per the directions I applied 3 thin coats, letting each dry completely in between applications.  After the final coat, I thought it would be smart to test drive its “magnetability” {is that a word?} before I painted it white again.  Good thing I did, cause the magnet that started at the top, slid right to the bottom.  Guess that means several more coats are needed.  Stay Tuned!

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Kitchen Makeover

Out with the Old, In with the New…

February 1st, 2011

Dishwasher that is!

We had been “wanting” a new dishwasher since our kitchen renovation last year, but it hasn’t been in the budget. Unfortunately {or fortunately} the old dishwasher bit the bullet this past week, so we were kinda forced to make room in the budget for a new one.

Off to Sears we went on Friday night and purchased us a fancy Kenmore Dishwasher.  {by fancy I mean 1. it now matches our other appliances and 2. it will actually clean whatever you put inside it} Then bright and early Saturday morning Mr. vB and his handy-boy, vannyB, got to work taking out the old and putting in the new.

Here’s the old one..

{Please excuse the dirty dishes on the counter.  Hand washing dishes is not one of my favorite things.}

And here is the cute Handy-boy again, incase you missed my previous post.

Here Mr. vB has started to remove the old one.

Water was standing in the bottom of it, so we made sure to run the rinse cycle to clear it out.

But apparently we didn’t get IT ALL out.  Can you see the wet rug in the above photo? Here’s a better shot…

Mr. vB had to straddle the wet spot as he installed the new dishwasher.

But we got it in, got it hooked up, and it works marvelously!!

Here it is with a nice clean counter-top above.

Hooray for Clean Dishes!!!

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Kitchen Makeover

It’s a Cover Up!

April 9th, 2010

It’s been almost 3 months to the day that Mr. Sanders came into our life. {for a recap click HERE}   And I must have been in a dream world to think that our brand new hard wood floors would look gorgeous forever.  Why might you ask?!  Their names are Boots and Bailey and I have tried to tell them at least a 100 times NOT to dig their claws into the floor as they run {like the road-runner} to the back door.  They never seem to listen.

So, I have finally given up counting and stressing about each new scratch.  Instead we decided to cover them up.  Yep.. you heard me right.

With our trusty list and dimensions in hand, Mr. vB and I headed about an hour away to a great furniture, lighting, carpet, “you name it for the house store”, called Greenfront in Farmville VA.  We had heard they had amazing steals on all kinds of rugs, so we figured it was worth the drive.

2 hours after arriving, Mr. vB and I were the proud owners of FIVE new rugs!  {And all within our budget!}  We picked up 3 hand woven rugs from Pakistan…

and 2 custom cut mountain grass rugs.  We decided to have them bound in a basic black edge, so they would coordinate with the new dining room rug! The guy told us we could come back in 2 weeks to pick em up.

Well it has been more like 4 weeks, but we finally got the remaining 2 rugs tonight!  Are you wondering yet where we have room for all these new rugs?  You will just have to wait to see… I think you’re gonna be impressed!  Here’s a sneak peek!

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Home Improvement, Kitchen Makeover, Living Room Makeover

Another Check Mark on the To-Do List

February 7th, 2010

I hope everyone is sitting down because I would like to announce that Mr. vB and I have actually, wait for it…FINISHED A PROJECT!  The Kitchen has officially been checked off the To-Do List. {If the mood strikes us we might still upgrade our dishwasher and change up the bar top, but for now we are all good!}

But before I debut our new digs, you know I gotta show you were it all started.  And just to warn you- this is gonna be a long post.  I took us just over 6 months to get it all done.  That is ALOT of projects/photos to recap!

Just like most things in this house, Mr.vB had already renovated this kitchen once when he originally moved in. Here is what it looked like back in Jan ’05.

This is the few from the hall looking into the kitchen and dining room.

And here is looking from the back pantry room into the kitchen. {nice isn’t it?!}

The original plan entailed opening the wall up between the kitchen and dining room and also rearranging the cabinet layout.

Here is the kitchen right before we started taking down the cabinets.  The upper cabinets did have doors, but Mr. vB was working too fast.  By the time I grabbed the camera, half of the doors were already down.

We were never fans of the original cabinet doors as they were very 80′s-ish with the wood accents. Our appliances (which came with the house) also bugged us as they were mismatched- Black Stove, White Hood, White Fridge and Silver/black dishwasher.

We started by rearranging our existing cabinets. Mr. vB took down all the existing cabinets..

And then put them back up in the new layout.

We also added floating shelves beneath. Instead of buying them, Mr. vB attached pieces of re-bar into the brick wall.  Then he built a box that would slide around the pieces of metal and become our shelf.

Once the new layout was in place, we purchased the new fridge, stove and exhaust hood.  To properly exhaust the hood to the outside, it required drilling a BIG MESSY HOLE in the brick wall.  We sealed off the kitchen to hopefully contain the mess.

A few weekends later we decided we had to do something about the back splash.  Previously it had been painted to buy us some time, but we had always envisioned it in tile.  We ended up having some left over tile and grout from the bathroom project, so we decided it was time to take the plunge.

It was actually quite easy and we had that part done in a weekend.

Then month by month we purchased the new cabinet doors and hardware. {As you saw, we reused the existing cabinet boxes as they were in pretty good shape, and once the new doors were on you wouldn’t be able to tell anyways!}

I love how the new doors and hardware make the counter tops look so much better!  I was never a fan of the Formica {especially with the old doors} but now they look so much richer.  I am still thinking about removing the existing Formica bar top and replacing it with a granite slab, but we’ll see.

Another new addition was the hardwood floors.  You might remember me mentioning that we discovered these the week Mr. vB was on vacation. What a difference they make to this room!!  We were never fans of the bright orange tile, but had no clue such a gem was hiding under it.  We might have ripped them up sooner had we have known!

Our final tasks were to add base board and shoe molding, touch up paint, caulk, and clean!!

So one more before shot and then the grand unveiling..



Dotty and Flo even made it down for the photo shoot!

There you have it!  Was it worth the 6 month wait??

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Home Improvement, Kitchen Makeover

We’re Moving!!!

January 10th, 2010

Well, to the Basement that is.

Mr. vB and I spent the day yesterday ripping up the remaining tiles in the kitchen and hallway to fully expose our hidden gem.

Here is Before and After…

We’ve also started to pack up the entire first floor as come Thursday, that’s going bye bye too.

Why you might ask??  Well we are getting our hardwood floors refinished! HOORAH, or more like OMG- what am I thinking?!

I’m the kinda girl who loves a clean, organized house.  This is not what we currently live in and I am starting to freak out a bit. The stove and the refrigerator are going to live in the pantry area for a week.  All of the dining room furniture (ie. our new table/chairs and china hutch) and all of the living room furniture (L-shaped sofa, console tables, coffee table, and TV stand) already has or soon will be shoved stored in the sitting room off our master bedroom or down in the basement.  Then we are relocating the guest bed, a full length mirror, and any and all clothes, food, and gadgets that we might need, down to the basement for a week.

{See why I am freaking out?!?!}

Our hope is that it won’t be too dusty from the sanding or too stinky from the stain fumes.  It is really hard to find a place to relocate for a week that will allow 2 90lbs black labs to join you. {No offense Marty or Adrienne- I appreciate the offer to crash at your pad’s sans the pooch’s.  We might have to bite the bullet and pay for the dogs to be boarded if the dust and smell is too overwhelming!  So please don’t turn us away if you see us on your front porch one day!} And for those cat-lover readers of mine, Milo isn’t going to be left home alone.  He has his bags packed to stay a week at my Mums house.  I like to think it will be a mini vacation for him.  No big dogs to chase him around and tons of new rooms for him to explore.

Here’s what our living room and dining room looked like by the time we called it quits tonight.

I feel like Thursday morning is going to be here before we know it and we still have so much to do. {insert deep breath here} I will definitely keep you guys updated as this is going to be QUITE the adventure!

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Hardwood Floor Refinishing, Home Improvement, Kitchen Makeover

My Husband is on Vacation… Can you tell?

December 29th, 2009

I can..

Our Kitchen Floor is halfway ripped up…

and our Basement is under construction (again)…

But these are good things- I think.

Mr. vB started pulling up the kitchen floor late Monday evening.  The good news is that we discovered hardwood floors hiding under that horrible tile.  They definitely look rough now, but after some sanding and stain, they should be beautiful!

And as far as the basement goes, we finally have a plan to make it a finished space.  The picture above is the framing around the furnace and hot water heater.  We are also enclosing Mr. vB’s office area in a really neat way!  Pictures to follow soon- Stay Tuned!

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Basement Makeover, Home Improvement, Kitchen Makeover, Mr.vB

I’m in L-O-V-E…

September 9th, 2009

With my new kitchen. {and my awesome husband for making it all happen)

We spent a day or two this long weekend finishing up some loose ends and WOW it has all come together beautifully if I do say so myself!




We still have to finish:

-Painting the walls and cabinet frames

-Purchasing and installing the remainder of the cabinet doors and hardware

-New counter tops??

-Ripping up the old tile floor and laying the new Hardwood floor (definitely a project for next year’s budget)

Doesn’t sound like a lot, but added together it costs A LOT of moolah…and after my visit today with my Tax guy (don’t forget estimated taxes are due on the 15th…) we may just have to do a little at a time.  But that is okay, it is already worlds better than it use to be!

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Home Improvement, Kitchen Makeover

Shopping Spree

September 6th, 2009

Mr. vB and I took advantage of some Labor Day Sales yesterday and bought 2 new goodies for our kitchen.

new appliancesWe got AMAZING deals at the local Scratch and Dent Store that we just couldn’t day no to.  We even saved on delivery as we just borrowed his brother’s truck and strength (thanks Justin!) to get our new goodies home!

Just a little more work to do on the kitchen before I reveal the finished product, but I think you guys will be impressed. We already love it and it’s not even finished!!

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Home Improvement, Kitchen Makeover

Any Takers??

August 30th, 2009

Got another teaser for you guys…



Anyone want to guess what Mr. vB and I were up to today?

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Home Improvement, Kitchen Makeover

How Rude of Us…

August 2nd, 2009

Mr. vB and I have already delved into another house project and we are still leaving you guys high and dry on the photos of the new bathroom.  We are not doing it on purpose- I promise.  I am just waiting for a piece of artwork to be framed before we start the photo shoot.  It should be done this week…and then ready to hang!

So while we are waiting, Mr. vB and I thought we would get started with another “little” project- our kitchen!

Months and months ago, Mr. vB started to hand make new cabinet fronts for all 32 cabinets in our kitchen.  Only 6 have actually made it onto their hinges.  I have also been pushing to get a new stainless steel hood to go over the stove.  I’m not sure what was in Mr. vB’s coffee this morning, but when I showed him a few sketches I had done of what I envisioned our “new” kitchen to look like, he was off and running.  I took some great photos of the demo that we did.  There are a ton, so I am going to upload all the still shots and make them into a little movie.  Watch for that later this week.

But for now I will leave you with this..

Our Kitchen this morning at 11am


And at quitting time…


Any guesses on what we are going to do??

PS.  I have the bestest husband in the entire world.  He worked his butt off today and I appreciated every minute of it.  It’s not every day you wake up and say, “let’s renovate our kitchen today.”  He is a very talented man and he continues to surprise me with how HANDY he really can be!

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Home Improvement, Kitchen Makeover